Swimming Pool History in the USA

For many years, Americans have been in love with swimming pools. Cities boast public pools. YMCAs, colleges and aquatic centers offer classes and train competitive swimmers. Backyard pools, however, rank highest in people's affections, offering fun and relaxation to the…
February 25, 2019

Swimming Pools and Homeowners Insurance

When it comes to insurance for your home, the addition of a backyard pool changes your liability and the cost that you pay. A swimming pool right outside your door is certainly an unbeatable treat for friends and family on…
February 11, 2019

Pool Accessories That Are Perfect for Kids

Having the right pool accessories can add a barrel of fun for the kids and others who use your pool. When children are entertaining friends, pool toys add to the party atmosphere. Pool Troopers has some suggestions and information on…
March 20, 2018

Pool Safety for Children

A home swimming pool is one of the greatest pleasures that can be shared with your family. Splashing around is refreshing, and kids love all the fun that a swimming pool for friends and family brings into their days. However,…
February 27, 2018

The Florida Energy Law

Understanding the Loophole Understanding the Loophole in the New Florida Energy Law Background: On March 15, 2012 the New Florida Energy Law went into effect. “FS 553.909 (4) Residential swimming pool filtration pumps and pump motors manufactured and sold on…
March 20, 2017