Games You Can Play in Your Swimming Pool

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If you have a swimming pool, there is a gamut of games and activities that you can play and enjoy all season. Pool games are not just for kids, nor do you need a lot of expensive equipment to fully engage and recreate these pastimes. The most important element, integral really, is a pool. Talk to the experts at Pool Troopers; they bring years of experience in servicing, cleaning, and repairing pools for Texas, Arizona, and Florida pool owners. Whether you are entertaining a group of kids or getting together with a couple of adults, try these games that you can play in your pool and make the most of swim season!

If you have a swimming pool, try the following fun and flexible pool games:

Marco Polo or Pool Tag

When you were a kid growing up, did you ever play Marco Polo at a public or community pool? Marco polo is a great game to play during the summer and many liken it to a game of pool tag. Basically, you need competitors who are not afraid to get wet – and the bigger the pool, the better.

The game is named for the famed explorer who charged a new path through Asia in the 1200s. The game involves one volunteer to be ‘it’ who is blindfolded for the game. This person feels their way around the pool yelling “Marco” to which the participants reply “Polo,” providing some clues to their location for the blindfolded person to hone-in on them.

Since guests will be venturing around the pool with the blindfolded person trying to find them, make sure that everyone is wearing life preservers or flotation devices to keep them safe. As the person who is the designated ‘it’ moves around the pool, they attempt to tag or make contact with one of the other competitors, thus passing on the role of being ‘it’ to this unlucky player. One of the perks of playing Marco Polo is how simple of a game it is, and it seems a widely familiar game to practically everyone, from young to old. Furthermore, the rules are simple and easily explained and learned. Marco Polo is the perfect swimming pool game for the coming summer season.

Watermelon Ball

Have you ever heard of watermelon ball? Watermelon Ball is another excellent choice for a game to play in your swimming pool that essentially pairs games like basketball, rugby, and football into one unique activity. You will need a watermelon ball, which must be a buoyant ball in order to be passed, dribbled, and held underwater. Interestingly enough, watermelon balls are designed to look like actual watermelons. This is in homage to the original game that utilized the actual real fruit. The watermelon ball will likely stand up to the rigors of regular use much better than a perishable watermelon will, so go with a ball for summer fun and games.

In fact, the origin of the watermelon ball used in this game came from a group that played with a real melon that subsequently broke, making a mess in the public pool that they were playing in. This enraged the pool supervisor who demanded an end to the game, and that inspired the players to find an alternative to a watermelon with many of the same characteristics to play their beloved game. Hence, the watermelon ball was conceived. Look for watermelon balls online or from your favorite swimming pool retail venue.


If you do decide to invest in some inexpensive equipment for your swimming pool this summer, think about volleyball. A good quality volleyball net can last a long time but start the search early. Finding a durable and pool-designed net may be challenging; talk to your pool service provider to find the best place to buy your net. Plan on some assembly but know that these nets are resilient to weather with vinyl netting and metal hardware. You will typically need to buy support poles separately to fit your pool, and most standard volleyball nets measure around 16-feet in length by three-feet deep. Volleyball is a rigorous activity that anyone can learn to play quickly, so it is perfect for any and all pool guests!

Treasure or Scavenger Hunt

Another ageless game that can be played in any size group is a treasure or scavenger hunt. All that you really need to do to prepare is to compile a list of the items or treasures to be hunted and a prize for the winner. Make sure that everyone involved will be safe in the pool depth and that those that are not swimmers are wearing vests or water wings during the competition. Use the buddy system at your hunt and ask participants to work in teams.

Some basic tips for a successful scavenger hunt include these suggestions:

  • Choose either a timed hunt, where competitors try to find as many items on a prefabricated list as possible within a designated time frame or an untimed hunt that focuses on finding everything on the list first- regardless of how long it takes.
  • Do not neglect safety when caught up in the game. Always be wary and make sure someone is always acting as a lifeguard and keeping their eye on the water.
  • Designate someone to be the judge who sets the rules and chooses the winner. Their decision is final.
  • Clarify and communicate the rules of any game beforehand. Some competitive participants can become unhappy and argue when they are misinformed. Do not let misunderstandings ruin your game.

Check out videos online of scavenger hunts and other pool treasure hunts to find some clever and feasible ideas to implement at your own swimming pool this season.

Old Fashioned Belly Flop Contest

Finally, summer wouldn’t be the same without an old fashioned belly flop contest. Use care and be safe when flopping in the pool and make sure that participants are familiar with the depth and rules of the pool. A belly flop contest is a classic game whereas contestants jump from the pool diving board or side of the pool deck, fully extended, to create a loud slapping sound when hitting the water. Let’s be honest: a belly flop can hurt. Sometimes a great prize for the belly flop champion can help take the sting out of competing. If the pain of belly flops is too deterring try a cannonball contest instead!

Speaking of prizes, if you plan on hosting pool games this summer, start tucking away a few gag gifts or dollar store trinkets for when you play. Guests and visitors will take much more interest in playing swimming pool games when there is something at stake. It is simple human nature to be competitive; make the most of it!

Make the most of the swim season with these fun and flexible games that you can enjoy in your pool this summer. They require little specialized equipment and fit all ages, which means something for everyone! Make sure to keep your pool crystal clear all season with the professional pool services of Pool Troopers, a swimming pool service company providing services to pool owners since 1952. With cleaning, chemical treatment, and routine inspections, your pool will be a safe and healthy place to spend time this summer with those you love.