Pool Troopers is
Seeking Acquisitions
Across the Sunbelt Region.

Pool Troopers, the Nation’s leading pool service company is actively acquiring high-quality pool service businesses across the Sunbelt region. Pool Troopers currently provides cleaning, chemical, and repair services to over 20,000 pools in Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

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Recent Partnerships

All Clear Pool Services & Supplies

June 2022

Palm Harbor, FL

Clearview Pool Service

April 2022

Jacksonville, FL

Pure Planet Pools

April 2022

St. Petersburg, FL

Cobalt Pool Service

April 2022

Fort Myers, FL

Splish Splash Pool Service

August 2021

Phoenix, AZ

Infinite Pool Finishes

July 2021

Fort Myers, FL

Premier Pool Service

June 2021

Naples, FL

Pool Chlor AZ

April 2021

Phoenix, AZ

Tri-City Pools

March 2021

Ft Myers, FL

Cardiff Pools

February 2021

Dallas, TX

Aloha Pool and Spa

February 2021

Naples, FL

Portofino Pool Services & Outdoor Living

January 2021

Jacksonville, FL

Six Benefits for Business Owners Interested in Selling:

1. Financial ability to close quickly and pay fair market valuations.

2. Priority placed on existing team growth and culture.

3. Industry-leading health and retirement benefits for employees.

4. ‘Have Your Back’ brand experience for customers and team.

5. Category leading customer growth and retention platform.

6. Committed to honoring a company’s story and legacy.