Pool Equipment Life Span (Part 1)

By November 5, 2017 August 27th, 2020 Cleaning & Maintenance
Pool Equipment Life Span

Part 1: Pool Pump & Pool Motor Maintenance

We get asked this question a lot, so I thought I would give you some parameters for the useful life of your pool equipment. Today’s blog will focus on the pool pump and the pool motor. I will blog about other pieces of equipment later this week.

Pool Pumps

Every pool has a pump. When your pool was new it came with a pump and motor coupled at the factory and installed as one unit. Your pool’s pump is the wet end of the operation, it houses the pump basket. Pumps should last through the initially installed motor and perhaps as many as two or three replacement motors, usually 10-12 years. Modern pumps are made of hard plastic and will over time warp. If you still have an older cast iron or bronze pump on your pool, it’s time to budget in a new pump and motor complete. Also, if you are not getting your full useful life out of a replacement motor it could be your pump needs to be replaced.

Pool Motors

Pool motors are attached to the back end of the pump and have a shaft which passes through to the pump and has an impeller attached to it. A special seal keeps the water in the pump from getting to the dry motor. The motor spins the shaft which rotates the impeller and pulls the water from the pool (Suction) and pushes the water back to the pool (Pressure). ** Note; all the plumbing on the pulling side is referred to in the industry as “suction side” plumbing; this includes your skimmer and any drains you have. All the plumbing from the pump back to the pool is called the “pressure side” and includes your filter and the pool returns.

Pool Motors come in two general types – copper winding and magnetic drive. Copper winding motors are old technology at this point when they spin they create a lot of friction and therefore heat (wasted energy) and their life is usually 3-5 years in most southern regions. On the other hand, modern, variable speed magnetic drive motors turn the shaft with no friction, and therefore use less energy and have a longer life. They are new to the pool industry but not new technology. A magnetic drive pool motor should last you from 6-10 years and possibly longer we just do not have enough data yet to age them successfully.

Be careful of vendors who push “cheaper” old technology copper winding motors- often, they really aren’t less expensive over their shorter life- because you will have to replace them more often. What is their motivation for selling you that old technology motor in the first place? They are certainly not saving you money.

So we know the useful lives of our pool pump and pool motor. It will help your equipment last as long as possible by making sure it’s properly maintained. Remember our Spring Special is going on right now and it is designed to perform all the annual PM your system needs to give you the maximum useful life of your pool equipment. Contact us to schedule a Spring Special today. Find us near you with services throughout Lake Mary, Grapevine, Scottsdale, Southlake, Gilbert, Spring, Glendale, and Tempe. We provide pool owners with the best value in swimming pool chemical service.