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Proudly serving clients since 1952.

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Our team of highly trained and industry award winning pool technicians have been serving our clients since 1952. Pool Troopers is the Safe, Reliable, Professional, Trustworthy, and Easy choice for all your pool cleaning, chemical, and repair needs.

Pool Cleaning

These traditional swimming pool cleanings are typically performed weekly or every other week for screened pools. Our full pool cleaning includes, netting, complete wall brushing, vacuuming, tile cleaning, basket cleaning, pool filter cleaning, and checking the chemistry. Custom programs are available such as one-time cleaning for our premium chemical clients and multiple trips per week for clients in heavy debris area during certain times of the year.

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Pool Chemical Service

At Pool Troopers, we offer 3 different types of pool chemical services depending on what type of pool you have. Our Conventional Chemical Service is for traditional pools, our Standard Chemical Service is pools where there is a customer-owned salt chlorine generator, and our Premium Chemical Service is for pools where there is a Pool Troopers-owned salt chlorine generator. The chemical only service requires the homeowner to clean the pool regularly.

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Pool Repair

Our repair department fixes or replaces all brands of pool equipment. We offer new energy efficient motors that meet Energy Efficiency Codes, as well as a host of products designed to reduce your energy bill and provide you with excellent results. Our repair department warrants the equipment work for one year, and in all cases that our license allows we are the warranty center for the equipment you buy from us- one call resolves your issue.

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