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Our History

We exist for one reason, to give residential pool owners freedom. From our first day in 1952 to today, Pool Troopers (formerly Bay Area Pool Service) has been about family and raising the level of professionalism within the residential pool service industry.


serve as a set of higher
standards that we
absolutely refuse to

  1. We refuse to tie customers down with contracts.
  2. We will never charge for the use of our salt water chlorine generators.
  3. We don’t sell chemicals, nor do we believe in retail storefronts.
  4. We warranty the heck out of everything we do, and we’ll come back to prove it.
  5. We’re always thinking of new ways to make life easier for residential pool owners.
  6. No pool will ever be forgotten or left behind on our watch.
  7. We do not spot clean pools.
  8. We are career-trained professionals who are proud of what we do, and dedicated to the families we serve.

The Heroes in Your Backyard

Since we started back in 1952 we’ve been working everyday to set a new standard in pool service. As residential pool service technicians, pool equipment mechanics, customer service professionals, supervisors, and managers – we all play a key role in helping you enjoy the freedom you deserve.

Safe, Reliable & Professional

It’s why we implement the rigorous hiring practices in our industry, require everyone to undergo regular background and drug checks, provide ongoing world-class training, and require all of our technicians and mechanics to be fully certified before they ever work in your backyard.

About Pool Troopers

Do your service technicians work on set schedules?

Yes, all our pool customers have a pre-set day of the week when their pool is serviced. Long-term set schedules ensure that your pool’s water chemistry and cleanliness is always consistent, and it allows you to plan accordingly.

Do pool mechanics make regular visits as part of your chemical service?

Our pool technicians are trained to check you’re the proper operation of your primary pool equipment on every visit. If they notice anything that requires attention they notify our customer service team – who then advise you with their report. At that point, with your approval, our mechanics provide you with the recommended service or a free quote.

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