Salt Chlorine Generator: Protecting Your Family’s Skin

By April 8, 2018 October 28th, 2021 Water Chemistry
Salt Chlorine Generator Benefits and Information

What are salt chlorine generators and how do they protect your family’s skin? Pool Troopers can help assist you in making the right choice for your family’s pool-related needs.

Since chlorinating compounds may irritate eyes and skin during use or addition and can be hazardous to store and transport, it is not surprising that many families have switched to the use of salt chlorine generators. This replaces the need for the regular addition of chlorinating compounds as a necessary part of owning a pool.

How do salt chlorine generators work?
By creating small amounts of Chlorine for your pool daily the Salt Chlorine Generator replaces the need to add large amounts of chlorinating compounds and improves the overall swimming experience.  With this type of generator, the buying and handling of chlorinating compounds is eliminated.

As the water passes through the salt chlorine generator’s cell, electrolysis splits the salt molecule (NaCl) into ionic Chlorine (CL) and Sodium (NA).  These further react with the water to eventually create hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide. This is how salt replaces the use of chlorine and chlorinating compounds in pools equipped with Salt Chlorine Generators.

Only small amounts of salt need to be added periodically throughout the year to replace salt lost through the creation of these chemicals, splash-out and filter backwashing.  Other ancillary chemicals to control pH, Alkalinity and the pool’s water hardness also need to be maintained.

Hydration of skin and benefits of salt
Dryness, irritation, blotchiness and other skin-related symptoms can result from a lack of minerals. Salt can improve the hydration of skin as it improves the outer layer. Saltwater therapy has been around since the time of ancient Greece, and evidence from stories and studies have shown it to be helpful for:

  • Soaking up excess oil
  • Killing acne-causing bacteria
  • Healing cuts and scrapes
  • Opening closed pores
  • Reducing inflammation

Rather than drying the skin, as can be the case when using traditional chlorinating compounds in large doses, having salt in your pool water helps with your skin’s hydration.

Better for the whole family
Have you ever noticed that swimming in the ocean helps heal cuts more quickly? Seawater naturally contains salt, which contains key minerals that heal. While a pool using a salt chlorine generator has far less salt in it than does the ocean, swimmers still report similar benefits.  Teens can benefit from the ability of salt to kill bacteria that cause acne. Babies, as well as adults, will find their skin softer and less dried out from swimming in a salt water environment.

Not only is salt water easier on the eyes of swimmers, salt chlorine generators add chlorine in smaller daily doses which allow swimmers to wear their nicest swim suits without fear of bleaching. Colored hair is also a problem in pools treated with conventional chlorinating compounds but not so if you have a salt chlorine generator.  So go ahead and dive in with the kids with your best suit on if you have a salt chlorine generator.

Your whole family can benefit from the effects of salt water on the skin, even grandma and grandpa, who will notice softer skin from the water that now feels silky and smooth. It has been described that pool water from salt chlorine generators feels more like that of rainwater. If family members wish to limit their exposure to chlorine then choosing a salt chlorine generator can be an answer.

Pool Troopers can assist you with our full range of cleaning and maintenance services, whether your pool is traditional chlorine-based or has been switched to the use of a salt chlorine generator. Because levels of chlorine and other pool chemicals still need to be monitored periodically with salt chlorine generators, you will want to know that everything regarding the health of the pool is working correctly and your pool is properly balanced.

Learn more about how we can help you to enjoy your pool with the whole family, from babies to grandparents by contacting us!