Water Safety

Water Safety

Swimming Pool Laws

If you’ve ever tried to find out exactly what sort of fencing, signage and other swimming pool laws you needed to know about, you probably concluded that residential pool laws were confusing. You're right. They are.  First, a disclaimer. We’re…
March 10, 2019
Water Safety

Aquatic Therapy for Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects communication and interaction skills. Children with Autism often have specific dietary needs, medications and therapy in order to provide the autistic child with tools to help him or her overcome the challenges faced…
January 30, 2019
Water Safety

Swim Safely During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant for the first time or have not had an opportunity to swim while pregnant with your other children, you may be asking about whether it is safe to swim during these nine months. Are the chlorine…
December 17, 2018
Water Safety

Diving Board at Your Pool

Many people think that diving boards are no longer in style when it comes to pool design. There may be some practical reasons why some pool owners are choosing to remove their diving board or, in the case of a…
November 12, 2018
Water Safety

Pool Party Games for Kids

If you're having a pool party for your kids or for a birthday celebration, there are abundant choices of fun games that are ideal for poolside party fun. Pool Troopers has a list of their favorites, some that call for…
August 20, 2018
Water Safety

Water Safety Month Tips

Did you know that May is National Water Safety Month? Sponsored by The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals with support from the National Recreation & Parks Association, the World Waterpark Association, and the American Red Cross, this month emphasizes…
May 5, 2018