Is Green Pool Water Safe for Swimming?

By March 1, 2020 April 29th, 2020 Water Chemistry
Green Pool Water Safety

Pools are a fantastic addition to a home. They are great for everything from exercise to physical therapy, not to mention recreational use. One thing can keep that refreshing dip from coming to be – looking into the pool and seeing green water.

What Causes Pool Water to Turn Green?

There are a few reasons that pool water turns green. The most common include:

When pool water turns from the clear blue that you are used to seeing into any shade of green, the most frequent reason is algae. A lighter shade of green means that it is likely a fresh formation, but a deeper green could mean a bigger problem. A dip in cleaning chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, etc., can keep the agents from being strong enough to prevent algae formation.

Cheap algaecides, metal components of the pool, and acidic source water can lead to trace metals (mainly copper) being in the water. As such, oxidation of the metals from a pool shock can turn the swimming pool water green. Water that is green from oxidation can stain the swimming pool and is known for turning hair green.

Airborne pollen, depending on where you live, can be too fine to be filtered out of the pool, causing it to build. If you live in a region where pollen counts are so high that your vehicles are coated in yellow dust, in the morning, this may be causing your water to turn green.

Is it Safe to Swim in a Green Water Pool?

Short answer – it depends.

Lakes contain a full ecosystem, complete with aquatic life that feeds on bacteria and toxins. This makes swimming in green water in nature safe. However, the alga is a superfood to more than just humans. This superfood is attractive to bacteria and parasites. These microbes can enter the body through the nose, eyes, ears, mouth, or a tiny cut. In this situation, it is less safe to swim in green pool water the darker the green gets. This is why regular chemical testing is so important – this is also the easiest green water to prevent.

Should the green be due to pollen, there may be little to do in the way of minimizing the discoloration short of erecting a building around the pool. Fortunately, assuming there are no allergies to the pollen, it is safe to swim in a pool with that as the cause for green water.

What To Do With a Green Pool?

If past the point of prevention, then it is necessary to do more than just pour a little bleach into the pool. Time for a total clean.

Vacuum to Waste

First, you need to remove the algae and other debris from the pool. Since it isn’t desirable for the “junk” to get back into the pool, be sure the vacuum filter is set to Waste.

Brush the Pool

There are special algae brushes available for just this situation. Algae is formidable, and it is best to use a stiffer brush versus soft bristles to ensure it is all reached.

Yes, brush after vacuuming. It may seem logical to wish to vacuum the algae, but the goal is to kill it. For that, the algae must remain in the pool.

Test Chemistry

To know which way to adjust the chemicals, it is important to get the current starting point.

This can be done as the first step if that is easier for you.

Shock the Pool

This process kills the algae. Pool Shock is a cleaner with concentrated chlorine, preferably with a level higher than 70%. Chlorine must be used for this, even if your regular shock does not contain it.

Turn to a Professional

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