Pool Troopers Freedom Guarantee

We make it easy to enjoy life in your backyard.

We exist for one reason, to give residential pool owners freedom.

Pool Troopers Freedom Guarantee - No contracts

Most service contracts simply limit your freedom as a customer. By design they lock you into one-sided agreements that make it easier for companies to pay less attention to you. We don't tie our customers down with contracts. We'd rather let our entire relationship be judged by your happiness, and if we're worth our salt, you'll keep us.

Pool Troopers Freedom Guarantee - Priority repair advantage

When you are on our chemical or cleaning service, you also receive priority status when you require emergency repairs. In addition, our Pool Technicians proactively monitor and report any equipment issues with the goal of catching them before there’s ever a problem.

Pool Troopers Freedom Guarantee - Use our salt chlorine generator free

We don’t believe you or your family should have to buy a salt water system to enjoy the benefits. Saltwater chlorine generators eliminate harmful chloramines and additives found in chlorination chemicals, and they noticeably improve water quality with a relative softening effect on hair and skin.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure your pool is always sparkling blue and swim-safe,
whenever family and friends decide they want to enjoy it.

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