How to Open Your Swimming Pool

By April 10, 2021 December 29th, 2021 Home

Are you getting ready to reopen your swimming pool after a long winter or post-pandemic season? Is now the time to reopen your swimming pool? Here are a few tips and best practices to ensure a long summer of swimming after a prolonged time. Also, consider some maintenance strategies that help keep swimmers and loved ones safe.

The Process

So, what does the process of reopening a pool safely and sanitarily look like at the moment? It is actually similar to the normal procedure of reopening and refilling a pool after a long winter or a post-storm draining. Here is what you should do:

Reconnect the Electronics

It is time to reconnect the systems and electronics that you turned off when you drained and closed your pool. Reconnect the pump, heater, filter system, and any other pool-related equipment to ensure it all is in working order. If there is an issue, this is the perfect time to make necessary repairs, too.

Vacuum the Pool

Go ahead and give the pool a thorough vacuuming, including the floor and walls. It makes sense to start in the shallower end of the pool, brushing away algae and any growth that has occurred during this downtime, and working toward the deeper end of the pool, if applicable.

Shock the Water

After the pool has been filled, it is important to shock the water as the final step of the reopening process. This super-chlorination helps kill any remaining germs, bacteria, or contaminants that may have moved in during the winter. The general rule of thumb is two pounds of pool shock product to every 10,000 gallons of water used. Talk to your pool service provider to learn more.

Water Chemistry

Don’t overlook the importance of pool water chemistry when reopening your pool after a prolonged period of time. It is critical to drain the pool and cease circulation before shocking and monitoring the results. Balancing the water chemistry requires time and attention- which is why many pool owners opt for professional swimming pool chemical treatment services for their pools. Make sure the levels are safe before allowing swimmers to enter the water.

Post-Pandemic Protocols

Lounging in your pool is not a high-risk behavior; it is the interacting with others and sharing common objects and items that presents a chance of transmitting Coronavirus. This is why many are already determining post-pandemic protocols. It makes sense to remain vigilant regarding prevention of transmission, while still finding ways to carve out some joy during increased time spent at home.

Chlorine kills Coronavirus germs. Be vigilant about treating your pool and you will be doing your part to prevent transmission. Instead of worrying about what you could pick up in the pool, focus on maintaining good hygiene and physical distancing to err on the side of caution. As for public pools and municipal swimming areas, try to go when they are less busy and when crowds have thinned. Try to avoid standing in lines, for slides or water features, for instance; this is a far more-risky environment when it comes to transmitting germs that could cause illness. Try to prevent your kids from picking up or using other kids’ belongings in these public places. You have no idea how clean or sanitary these toys or items are. Don’t share things like sunscreen, towels, or pool goggles.

While these steps may seem to put a damper on summertime fun, there is no reason why they should. Go to the pool or enjoy your own! Staying safe is a matter of public health. Adhere to the guidelines put in place by your local municipality and make the most of your summer with a dip in your favorite swimming pool. Parents should not overlook the basics of water safety amid pandemic-related concerns; remember to teach swim and first aid to children and new swimmers for safety near the water.

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