Swimming Pools: How to Prep for a Pool Party

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Swimming pool

If you have a pool, you likely have hosted a pool party. There are a lot of things to consider before inviting visitors and guests to come and swim in your home’s pool, but it can be a fantastic way to bring friends and family together for fun. You surely want to make a favorable impression which includes inviting them for a swim in a well-maintained and welcoming pool; how is your swimming pool? Make sure that your pool is ready for your gathering with service provision from the pool professionals at Pool Troopers; preparing for a party starts with a simple call today.

Planning a pool party soon? Make sure that your swimming pool area is party-ready:

Clean It Up

Don’t wait until the day of your party to check the chemical levels of your pool water; you want to make sure that the chlorine levels are on the high side of ideal as you will be getting more swimmers in the pool. When this balance is off, people will notice a smell in the pool water or get bloodshot eyes when swimming- yuck! Make sure that the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine are perfect for your party and know that it takes a day or so to settle in once treated. Give the water time to settle after treatment so call your pool service provider at least a week ahead to ensure service for your event.

Call for Service

Make the party a lot easier on yourself by having your pool serviced and cleaned, prior to the party. This frees you up for other things, like preparing food, drinks, and finding the perfect swimsuit for your event. A clean, sparkling pool is inviting; treat your guests! Nobody wants to take a swim in green water or an algae-covered mess. Plus, an unkempt pool is a health hazard that could also cause someone to slip, fall, and become injured on the day of your pool party. Avoid injuries and emergencies by having your pool serviced and cleaned thoroughly before you invite guests in for a swim.

Start a Fire

If you don’t already have a fire pit or fireplace near the pool, bring one in. You can even go with something temporary, like a metal bowl style pit that you fill with wood and burn. Make sure that if you have a wood-burning fire at your party, that you have plenty of hard, seasoned wood to use, like oak or hickory- as well as something to toast over the fire, like marshmallows, for your guests.

To be safe, keep a bucket of sand nearby to douse the fire as needed and never leave a fire unsupervised- not even for a moment.  If small children are going to be at the party you may want to consider an alternative to a fire, or only have the fire for a short time to make smores and then put out the fire.

Safety Issues

Before guests come to your home, revisit safety issues associated with having a pool. For instance, make sure that you have removed obstacles or fall risks from the perimeter of the pool and take care to block access from small children or pets, as needed. Encourage guests to walk, not run, near the pool and keep a fire extinguisher on hand if you are using an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. It can be slippery around a pool so consider using a runner rug or other treads for guests that might have wet feet during your party.

The most important safety issue is to have a designated water watcher at all times there are children in or near the pool.  This adult should have a physical badge or lanyard with a Water Watcher Tag.  The tag should say that this person is not to be bothered, spoken too, or distracted.  Their job for the 20 minutes is to watch the pool with total focus, no phone, and keep the swimmers safe. At the end of 20 minutes, the job should rotate to another sober adult. 

If all the adults will be drinking at your party or you don’t think they can be trusted to stay focused on the pool for 20 minutes at a time, consider hiring local lifeguards to attend your party to keep the children safe in the pool. 

Shaded Seating

If you are hosting a warm-weather event, consider your seating and make sure to provide a spot in the shade for guests that need a break from the sun. Awnings, pergolas, and even tents are perfect for lining the pool area with those that want to take a break in the shade. Provide plenty of water and beverages to guests that will be spending time outside in the heat to prevent them from dehydrating on extremely warm days. Consider filling buckets or barrels with ice and bottled water for guests to help themselves. Keep outdoor living spaces cool and keep air circulating with oscillating fans, positioned low to the ground and away from foot traffic.

Conversation Spaces

Create cozy conversation spaces with floor pillows and intimate seating arrangements near your pool and fire pit. Keep the clusters of seating small, and provide a sturdy, level place for guests to place drinks or use for eating. Don’t place chairs too close to the fire or the pool, as this could present a fall risk during your gathering. Leave plenty of open space between tables and chairs for mingling, moving, and even dancing! If you are serving food outside, put dishes and fare on these conversation tables to encourage interaction among your guests as they nosh.

Lighting Situation

Make sure there is ample lighting for nighttime events to prevent any accidental slip and falls. Guests who are not familiar with your property could hurt themselves trying to navigate after dark; consider lanterns or tiki lamps to light a path across the terrain for guests. Talk to your pool professional about pool lights that will provide a colorful focal point throughout the party.

Keep Warm

What is the weather like where you live? If it is off-season or you are planning an evening event, rent or invest in an outdoor heater to take the chill off. You might consider this in addition to a fire pit to provide ample spots for guests to warm-up after a dip in the pool. Gather a welcoming basket of warm throws or blankets and plenty of dry towels for guests to enjoy after swimming, too.

A Back-Up Plan

Nobody wants to consider it, but things can happen to derail even the best-laid plans. Make sure that you have a back-up plan in case of weather or other issue that could cause a monkey-wrench in your party preparations. Whether you rent a tent to cover your pool area ahead or time or have pizza delivery on speed-dial, make sure that you have a way of hosting and entertaining guests if you are forced indoors for some reason.

After the Party

So, the party is over- now what? Call Pool Troopers to clean up after the guests go home. It is not uncommon to find the water cloudy or green after hosting a pool party; this is due to bacteria and organic matter that finds its way into your pool water. Call for a post-party chemical treatment to resolve this issue and make your pool clean once more.

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