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Excellent customer service. Reliable service. If I have questions, they are answered quickly and with patience!
St. Petersburg, Florida
Excellent customer service. Reliable service. If I have questions, they are answered quickly and with patience!
St. Petersburg, Florida
Reliable, thorough, neat, and polite.
St. Petersburg, Florida
Any problems were resolved and my cleaning tech is awesome
St. Petersburg, Florida

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St. Petersburg Pool Service 

St. Petersburg in Florida is most known for its art treasures. Starting with The Dali Museum, this destination is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The Chihuly Collection is also something everyone should see, as well as the Duncan McClellan Gallery. Both offer stunning collections of glass arts.  

History buffs also love the city, mainly for its museums. The St. Petersburg Museum of History shows various collections, including oddities and alligators in Florida. The Florida Holocaust Museum and the Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame are quite popular among tourists and locals alike. 

It is also affordable to visit and explore St. Petersburg. Museum admissions are fairly priced but that is not all. You can find ice cream that costs less than a dollar and a beach hotel that you can book for $99.  

Also, the city has an incredible market scene. The Indie Market is one of the huge favorites where local designers and artists offer their best work. However, if you cannot stand the heat, there are night markets in the city as well. From the Fringe Flea Market to the St. Pete Side Lot’s Night Market, you can find the best collections without the risk of suffering from heat stroke.

Speaking of heat, St. Petersburg is one of the hottest places in the entire state. It gets a little over 360 days of sunshine every year. It holds the world record for having the greatest number of consecutive days of sun with almost 770 days without rain.  

With such weather, there is no doubt that residents look for different ways to cool down. While some people may go to the beach, others simply turn to their pools. 

Taking Care of Your Pool in St. Petersburg  

Everyone wants to enjoy a relaxing day just by the pool. However, it will never be possible when you see dirt floating around the water. Perhaps you tried to swim, and you feel as if your eyes are burning. Your hair is even drier when you got out of the pool. It is time to seek help. Pool Troopers will not only clean your pool but also ensure that the water has the correct pH balance. 

You may love swimming in your pool, but you are not a fan of the tasks that come with maintaining it. There are no worries here because most pool owners share the same sentiments with you. Maybe you had a long week and you simply do not have enough time to take care of the water and its other needs. 

When your pool is starting to get grimy, you have no other job to do than to contact Pool Troopers. We will take care of every pool cleaning responsibilities you have. This way, you can have a fun time outdoors. 

St. Petersburg offers plenty of summer days that you can take advantage of. Instead of spending them cleaning the pool area, let Pool Troopers do it for you.

If you’re looking for swimming pool service, serving all of St. Pete, surrounding communities, and Pinellas County – call us today!

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