Why Do I Get Red Eyes After Swimming In Pools?

By June 5, 2017 September 20th, 2021 Health, Water Safety
why you get red eyes after swimming in pools

Ever wondered why you get red eyes after swimming in pools? Well, the answer is pretty simple- Pool water is not made to be the same as the saline our body creates to lubricate our eyes.

  • The chemicals and naturally occurring minerals in pool water cause irritation to our eyes
  • Pool water rubbing across our eyes replaces the saline and causes irritation.
  • Even perfect pool water will cause eye irritation if you swim too long with your eyes open.
  • The answer is to protect your eyes.

Swim with goggles or a mask. I wear contacts so for me I always have goggles or a mask on when I’m in the water. Goggles did take a few laps to get used to, but after that they feel pretty normal.

To prove this point, when you are watching the London Olympics, the swimmers will be in the best pool water on the planet, and they will all be wearing goggles. Pool water, even great pool water, irritates eyes.

Most Pool Troopers clients enjoy the Free Use of A Salt Chlorine Generator with their pool service. Clients certainly report back that they have less eye irritation in a Salt Chlorine pool, but we still recommend protecting your eyes.

Have fun swimming and wear goggles or a mask to avoid eye irritation in the pool.