Water Chemistry

Pool Water Chemistry 101

There are many things that can affect the chemistry of your swimming pool, including your dog, rain, pool parties, sunshine and wind and more. You need not worry, as long as you are testing the water often. Pool Troopers would…
March 22, 2019
Water Safety

Swimming Pool Laws

If you’ve ever tried to find out exactly what sort of fencing, signage and other swimming pool laws you needed to know about, you probably concluded that residential pool laws were confusing. You're right. They are.  First, a disclaimer. We’re…
March 10, 2019

Swimming Pool History in the USA

For many years, Americans have been in love with swimming pools. Cities boast public pools. YMCAs, colleges and aquatic centers offer classes and train competitive swimmers. Backyard pools, however, rank highest in people's affections, offering fun and relaxation to the…
February 25, 2019