Swimming Pools and Homeowners Insurance

When it comes to insurance for your home, the addition of a backyard pool changes your liability and the cost that you pay. A swimming pool right outside your door is certainly an unbeatable treat for friends and family on…
February 11, 2019
Water Safety

Aquatic Therapy for Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects communication and interaction skills. Children with Autism often have specific dietary needs, medications and therapy in order to provide the autistic child with tools to help him or her overcome the challenges faced…
January 30, 2019
Water Chemistry

Algae: Can it Damage Your Pool?

Homeowners put substantial money, time and effort into creating a friendly, stylish backyard for their families. A pool can be the key ingredient for the perfect backyard. However, a pool can become very uninviting once algae take over.   Algae…
January 3, 2019