Swimming Pool Money Saving Tips and Tricks

By April 6, 2019 September 29th, 2020 Cleaning & Maintenance
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Money Saving Tips and Tricks for Your Swimming Pool

Everyone wants to save money when it comes to maintaining and enjoying a backyard swimming pool. You may be wondering what some of the tricks are that would allow you to save money, while enjoying the fun of family and friends around the pool. Pool Troopers wants to share some tips for saving dollars when it comes to being pool-savvy. 

Operating your pool efficiently can save dollars in the energy costs of your pool while not diminishing its enjoyment. Although the cost of maintaining your swimming pool may depend on its size, its design and whether you have added a waterfall or other features, operating costs can vary. Cost-efficient actions can reduce your monthly energy and maintenance bills.

1. Keep your water in the pool 
According to HFS Financial, splashing, leakage and evaporation cause a water loss from your swimming pool. The more water that escapes your pool, the costlier it becomes. 
Some tricks for keeping water in the pool include:

  • Repair leaks as soon as spotted
  • Shut down fountains and waterfalls when not necessary to save on water loss through aeration

Pool leaks are costly, according to Rain Harvest, an inch-a-day leak in a 15-by-30-foot pool can waste approximately 102,000 gallons per year. Evaporation in warm windy and dry climates can easily lead to a quarter inch or more loss per day. 

When you fill the pool, remember to keep an eye on the water level and to shut off the water when full.

2. Use a cover if you heat your pool 
Conserving heat within the pool will save you dollars, and a pool cover is the answer if you are already spending dollars to heat your pool. A solar pool cover, or a liquid solar cover will keep the heat in and may actually help trap heat during the day time. 

The temperature can be raised during the day by the heater and then turned off. The pool cover will make the heat within the pool last longer, therefore saving on heating costs. Liquid Solar Covers will also save money, and you will not have to remove the cover every time you use the pool. The water is treated with a proprietary isopropyl alcohol blend, which stays on the surface. It retains heat 30% as well as a traditional solar cover and is presumed healthy for adults, children and pets. 

3. Invest in an energy-efficient pump 
By investing in a variable speed pump, you will be saving money in the long run. Conventional pumps run at only one speed, so you will be saving on energy costs with a new energy-efficient pump, which might cost in the vicinity of $1,000 but will more than pay for itself in energy savings within the first two years.  Many states have rebates for installing energy-efficient designs.

4. Turn down the temperature 

Be aware that costs increase as the degree of the temperature rise is increased. With that being said, consider keeping your pool’s temperature at a cool, but comfortable setting and remember to turn the heat down when no one is using the pool. 

5. Stay on top of maintenance 
Pool maintenance is important when it comes to saving money. By not maintaining a swimming pool properly, you could end up with a costlier problem of algae. The right chemical balance and timely maintenance are actually money saving tips that are some of the most important when it comes your swimming pool. Pool Troopers has some suggestions and ideas when it comes to maintaining your swim environment. 

6. Be aware of what surrounds your pool 
When it comes to saving some more dollars, the surroundings of your pool matters. Trees that shade the water keep added heat out, if you are looking to have a warmer pool environment. Building a wall can save on dollars when it blocks the wind from causing water loss through evaporation and cooler temperatures of the water.

These tips and tricks from Pool Troopers can help save energy costs while keeping your swimming pool clean and comfortable. Cutting corners will affect costs in the long run, so be sure that quality is not affected while trying to save some extra dollars.

Pool Troopers can provide quality maintenance to help keep your pool running efficiently. Our three levels of chemical service include a choice of Conventional, Freedom or Freedom Enhanced. We also provide a choice of cleaning services to meet your budget and needs. Water testing and monitoring is part of our service, preventing problems before they become more costly. 

Weekly or every other week cleaning assures you of a pool that is free of debris, especially at certain times of the year. When it comes to energy-efficient pumps, Pool Troopers sells and installs the best brands. 

Saving dollars while enjoying your clean and comfortable pool with family and friends is an important part of having a backyard pool. Call Pool Troopers to schedule maintenance or find out ways to cut costs and save more in the long run with an energy-efficient designed heat pump or motor.