Energy Efficient Pool Products

Pool Energy Efficiency is the name of the game

Variable Speed Motors

New technology in pool motors to bring about greater pool energy efficiency has brought us magnetic drive variable speed motors that are a minimum of 30% more efficient than their older technology counterparts. If you factor in that these motors can operate at lower speeds at much greater savings (you can take my word for it or look up the Pump Affinity Law – for fun!) the real savings to you can be closer to 75%! Now This is Serious Savings.

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Color Changing LED Pool and Deck Lighting

Two years ago I replaced all my Christmas lights with LED’s because of their low operating costs, low heat, energy efficient alternative to my old lights. Well the same thing hold true to for your pool. Plus there is the added benefit of the option to have color changing LED lights for your pool. spa, patio and yard that can change with the theme or the season. These are truly break through products that enhance the beauty of any yard and pool area as well as save you money.

HE Gas Pool Heaters

New gas pool heaters for pools and spas fall under the FL Pool Energy Efficiency Law and must be at least 78% efficient. HE gas pool heaters are over 90% efficient. We expect the new law will bring some of the most efficient gas pool heaters ever to the marketplace. If your gas pool heater is more than 7 years old we encourage you to call us and find out about High-Efficiency Gas Pool Heaters as an option.

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Heat Pumps and COP's

Under Florida law, all Heat Pumps must be certified to have COPs (Coefficients of Performance) of higher than 4.0. We sell the best heat pumps on the market today with COP’s in excess of 5 in some models and with top of the line units also performing a reverse cycle which cools your pool in the summer.

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Liquid Pool Covers

Yes you read correctly – a cover made out of a proprietary isopropyl alcohol blend that you put in the pool and when the water settles at night the “cover” floats on the top of the water trapping a % of the heat in the water. This retains heat about 30% as well as a solar cover… but you use it, which is not the case with most solar blankets and there are no dangers involved (see Bruce Willis in Unbreakable). A cover you use at any efficiency is better than one you don’t use. So if you heat your pool these liquid solar blanket products are a yet another one of the energy efficient pool pruducts that is a must have to save you money and energy.

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