Pool Exercises for Any Age

When you think of your pool, leisurely swimming comes to mind. However, many people can benefit from exercise that is done in water, aside from swimming laps. Seniors and kids, as well as those in-between seeking to burn calories, can…
March 5, 2018

Pool Safety for Children

A home swimming pool is one of the greatest pleasures that can be shared with your family. Splashing around is refreshing, and kids love all the fun that a swimming pool for friends and family brings into their days. However,…
February 27, 2018

Sunscreen: Ten Myths and Facts to Know

You and your family probably spend a good deal of time lounging around your pool, especially on a nice sunny day. However, when it comes to using sunscreen to prevent burning, there are many false ideas out there. We at…
February 22, 2018
Cleaning & Maintenance

Energy Efficient Pool Products

Investing in energy-saving equipment ensures the ability to have an environmentally-friendly energy efficient swimming pool, saving you money in the long run. Pool Troopers can help you with the maintenance, pool chemical service, salt systems, cleaning and repair of your…
February 20, 2018