Do I Need to Shower After Swimming in my Pool?

By July 15, 2020 September 29th, 2020 Health

If you have a pool, insist and encourage guests, visitors, and family to shower after swimming. This may seem like a moot point, even a waste of water, but it should be a protocol that you facilitate every time you swim. Furthermore, showering before you even dip a toe in the swimming pool is the most sensible strategy that you can implement at your home’s pool, particularly if you don’t want to spend all your free time cleaning and re-treating the water. Many homeowners install pool showers to make it convenient to wash off before and after swimming. Talk to the experts at Pool Troopers for more ideas surrounding Florida, Texas, or Arizona homes and pools.

You should shower before and after swimming in a pool; here are some of the reasons why:

Protect the Public

The first reason to shower before and after you swim in a pool is to protect against water illnesses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that while only around 32% of swimmers indicate that they shower before getting in a pool, another 44% believe it to be completely unnecessary. The CDC goes a step further to reinforce the importance of using soap during these showers to prevent transmission of bacteria and germs that can cause illness. Perhaps more significantly is the current fear of transmitting germs that could cause Coronavirus. For this reason, make soap and hot water something that you use before and after swimming in treated pools, each and every time. It is a public policy in many communities or public pools that is enforced by staff or lifeguards. Kids are not exempt from this practice, so make sure to assist in giving kids a showering-off before and after they swim.

Chemicals & Chlorine

It makes sense that you would want to rinse off or shower to get rid of the residual chemicals and chlorine in most conventional swimming pools. The chlorine is used to kill bacteria, so it seems reasonable that it could cause irritation or sensitivity of the skin for those who have prolonged exposure. Plus, you want to get rid of any pesky bacteria that could be lurking about and clinging to your body. Soap and hot water are really the most effective at getting these unwanted germs off and away from you after a swim.

What about showering before? Showering before you swim helps remove body oils, sweat, and germs which could cause an imbalance in the pool’s pH, making the chlorine have to work harder to do its job. This can result in the water being imbalanced and requiring more chemicals added to make up for the contaminants that are in the water. A simple solution is to request that everyone who swims showers before and after their dip, for their wellbeing as well as for the pools.

Skin Rash & Irritation

Speaking of skin rash and irritation, why wouldn’t you shower after swimming in any public place? Showering provides a natural way to reduce the risk of carrying and contracting infection or illness that could be transmitted through the water. Remove bacteria from your skin and hair by washing well with soap and water after a swim, and protect others by washing up before you step foot in the pool, too. It is the responsible thing to do, especially during this difficult time of Coronavirus concerns.

If you are not swimming but enjoying activities near the water, it is also important to shower, especially after exposure. From fishing to splashing, wading to water-skiing, you are not immune to the bacteria and irritation that exposure can bring. The contaminants in any pool or body of water will stay on your skin and travel with you inside your home. Play it safe by showering away these bacteria.

Infectious Disease

Any pond, lake, river, or body of water presents the same health risks as a swimming pool. Those who don’t shower prior to entering the water are bringing their own unwanted hitchhikers along with them, including trace levels of pathogens and fecal matter. Experts that test public bodies of water, like at the beach, report that the quality of the water deteriorates as the day passes, indicating that the more people entering the water, the poorer the water quality. Ingesting this water can make you sick. Why would you want to expose your skin to it any longer than necessary? By neglecting to shower after swimming in public places, you are putting more than just yourself at risk for infections and disease. You also jeopardize the wellbeing of those that you come into contact with as then you are all at risk of contracting recreations water illnesses and infections.

In fact, some of the most vulnerable populations are at the highest risk for contracting infectious disease through swimming in public places. Complete immersion, like sitting in the shallow end, children playing by the shore, and surfers may have an increased chance of contracting waterborne illnesses. Planning to sit and soak at the beach? A day at the pond? Protect yourself with a wet suit and a hot shower before and after exposure. Also, avoid ingesting or swallowing water whenever possible. Teach children to do the same while they are young to foster healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Happiness, Health & Hygiene

People are being educated about disease prevention daily with the social distancing guidelines, quarantines, and face masks that have emerged recently related to COVID-19. Keep in mind that nearly 40% of beachgoers and swimmers do not think it is important to shower and remove germs before getting in the pool. Do you want whatever they happen to be bringing to the water? Leave germs, bacteria, and potential disease behind by showering after every swim or dip. Be compassionate about the happiness, health, and hygiene of others too by showering with soap and water before getting in. Don’t forget about your hair; shampoo well as bacteria love to travel via your hair.

The season for lounging by the pool is here! Make sure that you stay safe from germs and bacteria when enjoying your swimming pool this summer. Need to schedule cleaning or chemical treatment for an upcoming pool party? If you live in Florida, Texas, or Arizona call us at Pool Troopers, a swimming pool service company that has provided chemical service and pool cleaning to pool owners since 1952! Discuss ways that you may facilitate showering before and after a swim, and other strategies to keep your pool clear, clean, and safe while also protecting those that you welcome to your swimming pool.