Warm Water Therapy and Water Exercise

By October 18, 2017 January 22nd, 2019 Fitness
Warm Water Therapy and Pool Exercise

I can boil this blog down to a few words… Swimming is good for you.  But so is pool exercise, floating in the water, and getting warm water therapy.  Just about everything you do in the pool is good for you.  This data is all over the web and some previous blogs, but let me summarize:

Just being in water makes our heart and lungs work harder. The hydrostatic pressure of being in water up to our necks makes our cardiovascular system work harder, no exercise needed.

This same Hydrostatic pressure relieves chronic muscle ache and joint pain.

Exercise in water offers increases resistance over land-based exercises maximizing results while limiting pain.  For people recovering from accidents or surgeries or just getting back into shape, there is a limited risk of falling and better response from atrophied muscles in water exercise.

Muscle memory is improved in water exercise due to the slower overall movement which allows the brain to process the muscle signals more thoroughly.

Warm water therapy improves circulation and is a great choice for people with circulatory issues.  Add to that that warm water therapy provides consistent relief to arthritis sufferers.  It is also good for muscle relaxation and the reduction of lactic acid buildup post workout.

Swimming also improves our mood.  Water-based exercise can have positive effects on our mental health.

So, whether you swim, float, play water polo, aqua bike, exercise, stretch, lounge, or just walk in the water, you are doing your body a world of good by getting in the pool.



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