The Pool Troopers Difference: How We Outperform Other Companies

By December 11, 2020 March 30th, 2021 Cleaning & Maintenance

If you live in Arizona, Texas, or Florida, you know the importance of having and maintaining your swimming pool. Owners in these regions know that they can rely on Pool Troopers to keep their pools pristine, safe, and ready for a swim at a moment’s notice. Our pool service teams outperform other pool service companies through our dedication, reputation, and attention to customer satisfaction and service. That’s the Pool Troopers difference and why you should choose us to maintain and service your swimming pool!

Need a few more reasons to call on Pool Troopers to be your full-service pool cleaning company? Consider the following:


One of the most important features of a pool cleaning service company is availability and regularity; can you count on your current pool cleaner as needed? Pool Troopers is the company to call that never tries to lock you in to a contract – ever. This frees you, the customer, up to using their services as you wish, not due to a restrictive or costly contract.

The quality service doesn’t end there. Pool Troopers also provides free use of their salt generator to their customers. This allows pool owners and their families to try the difference of a saltwater pool experience, without the added costs. Saltwater pools have a lot of benefits, like a silkier tactile experience when you swim. Plus, owners won’t have to deal with chlorine irritation or spikes that freshwater pools can be susceptible to. Remember that Pool Troopers has been helping and servicing pools for their customers since 1952; they offer a ‘net zero approach’ that is basically unheard of in the industry. This ensures customers that it is our job to save them money on their pool service and cleaning costs; we will look for ways to cut the costs without compromising any of the quality. That is our promise to you!

At Pool Troopers, we take pride in being America’s Backyard Heroes; you can trust your pool with us! We believe that your family’s experience and satisfaction are far more important than any bottom line and if you are not satisfied, the job simply is not finished. Happy customers are return customers, and we pride ourselves on the loyalty and trust of our valued patrons widely. We strive to find better ways of providing this service and satisfaction to our clientele- we believe it is smarter to find a solution and fix a problem before it has time to become one!


As for support, we offer one-on-one communications to keep our customers and clients in the loop. We want to create a ‘wow’ factor when you see and experience your pool and will see a job through until the end when the customer is fully satisfied. We embrace challenges and won’t leave you in a lurch when you are counting on us to get the job done. No pools will be left behind! In this time of uncertainty, we want to put kindness and compassion in the world; it truly leaves a long-lasting impression that can gain momentum if given the chance.


Not sure about your current pool? Need supplies to sustain your pool or pool system? We are the ones to call. We provide comprehensive care for your pool and pool area; if there is something you need, we are likely the ones that have it, can get it, or are able to implement and install it for you. If your pool is in Arizona, Florida, or Texas, make Pool Troopers your one-stop pool shop – it is that easy!


When it comes to caring for your swimming pool, the pros at Pool Troopers aim for sustainability. This entails maintaining and cleaning the pool to the customer’s preferred level and standard. After all, it is you and your loved ones that will be enjoying the pool; we want it to be up to par by your own personal standards and care. This involves communicating needs and preferences with the pool owners, while also making astute and professional recommendations based on decades, even generations of experience in servicing, cleaning, and chemically treating pools across the country. While others may tell you that the job is done, Pool Troopers is not finished until the customer gives us their stamp of approval. We want you, your family, and friends to enjoy and relish time spent by the pool all season long, without any issues, problems, or worries. That is our goal, and we welcome your thoughts and input, too.

As for an eco-friendly approach to pool treatment and cleaning, know that Pool Troopers will not disturb or put your plants and landscape at risk when servicing your pool. Pool Troopers understands the investment that goes into maintaining a natural, lush landscape and their techs won’t do anything that potentially risks any of your vegetation, features, or hardscapes near and around the pool. Call Pool Troopers for a free estimate and explanation of what they can offer to you today.


Does this sound good to you? So, sit back and enjoy your pool without the labor and legwork that goes into keeping it clear, clean, and sparkling this season, call Pool Troopers! What could be easier? Better yet, schedule your services for the season so that the pool is always ready for a refreshing dip, pool party, or summer evening without worrying about reaching out to anyone on short notice. From treating the water and testing the pH to getting rid of algae or installing a new slide, Pool Troopers is ready to go the extra mile to make sure that you are happy and satisfied, making it as simple as possible for the consumer. Pool Troopers has built a business and a sterling reputation on keeping things convenient and up to par for those pool owners that entrust their pools to them.

Transparency is another feature that Pool Troopers provides and that they are proud to offer their customers, both existing and new. They don’t want clients to be surprised at what cleaning or chemical treatment costs, so they offer free estimates to help make the process even simpler for those that are looking at setting up service provision for their pool. Owners in Arizona, Texas, and Florida can call Pool Troopers and obtain an accurate and free estimate, without any further obligation, to determine if pool services fit in your lifestyle and budget right now. Want to learn more? It is easy! Call to schedule an appointment for an estimate today.

Got a pool? If you do, you know the work and attention that goes into making it clear, clean, and ready for a swim. Nobody wants to jump in a pool that is green or slimy; avoid this repercussion with regular service from a pool cleaning and chemical company. See the difference for yourself. Call the pool professionals at Pool Troopers, a swimming pool service company for pool owners in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. They provide chemical, cleaning, and repair pool services to pool owners widely and have done so since 1952. Stay on top of industry tips, tricks, and trends with Pool Troopers today!