Swimming Pool Chemical Safety

By February 5, 2017 November 6th, 2018 Cleaning & Maintenance, Water Chemistry
Swimming Pool Chemical Safety

Benefits of Using Salt Chlorine Generators
The addition of certain chemicals is imperative when it comes to preventing bacterial growth and water quality issues, but traditional chemicals can wreak havoc with your family’s hair, eyes, and skin. Even slightly excessive levels of chlorine or other chemicals can have detrimental effects, which is why it’s so important to understand the intricacies of chemical safety in terms of swimming pool water. If you’re looking for a gentler alternative to traditional pool chemicals, a salt-chlorine generator may be the perfect solution.

Salt Chlorine Generators and Chemical Safety
Chlorine additives for your pool can be dangerous in high concentrations, which is why many pool owners are wary about storing large quantities on their property. Children and pets can access chemical stores with awful consequences, which is where a salt chlorine generator shines. Not only does this system have less of an impact on your hair, skin, and eyes, but it also eliminates the need to store caustic chemicals on your property. Salt is converted to chlorine through the process of electrolysis, and salt levels aren’t reduced as a product of evaporation. Stabilizing pH levels has never been so easy, which is why an estimated 75% of new pools installed around the United States are equipped with salt systems.

Costs and Initial Investment
The one drawback to a salt chlorine generator systems for some homeowners is the initial investment, which can be quite steep. Because we know how much more enjoyable a pool can be with a less irritating, more efficient salt system, we provide a salt chlorine generator for your use as a standard part of our Premium Pool Chemical Service. For the length of your service agreement, you’ll be able to use our generator absolutely free of charge. Because the unit belongs to us, we take care of regular maintenance and repairs to keep it operational. Should you decide at any time to cancel your service, we’ll remove the generator and re-plumb the system at no cost.