Swimming Pool Tips That Will Help You Save Money

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Swimming Pool

Want to save money on your swimming pool? Conserving energy, upgrading features, and maintaining your pool can help keep it performing up to par while cutting down on your monthly cost of operation. If you live in Florida, Texas, or Arizona, talk to the industry insiders at Pool Troopers to learn more.

Save some money with the following swimming pool tips:

Keep an Eye on It

The best way to keep your pool from costing you a lot of money is to keep it clean and maintained. A dirty, unkempt pool is prone to damage and health hazards; use a local pool service to ensure regular cleaning. This also provides a great opportunity to identify and recognize any issues that could become pricey damages if ignored. Curbing potential issues early can save money, too.

Consider Saltwater

If you have been considering a saltwater pool, you may be able to experience a saltwater system without the added cost. Using Saltwater chlorine generators helps to eliminate unwanted byproducts and additives found in pool chemicals like liquid bleach and powdered chlorinating compounds.  This results in a more natural and safe swimming experience. You will immediately notice an improvement in water quality, feeling softer on your skin and hair. This is a cost-effective way of enjoying the benefits of saltwater swimming without the expense.

Buy Energy Efficient

Another way that you can save money while still enjoying full use of your swimming pool is by upgrading to new and updated features, like energy-efficient pumps and motors. Check out some of the industry’s best brands that put the focus on conserving energy- and saving money! Make sure that you only have these features installed by a technician with expertise to ensure smooth operation. Allowing a layman to install parts in your pool could make your warranty null and void. As a matter of fact, some retailers promise that you will save at least $1,000 in three short years by upgrading your one-horsepower or larger induction motor to a new energy-efficient motor with variable speeds. Call and talk to the team at Pool Troopers to learn more about this option.

Run the Pump

Don’t make the mistake that so many homeowners do and shut down your pool pump to save energy and utility costs. The truth is, you need to run the pump at least eight hours per day to keep the water circulating adequately and to prevent it from becoming stagnant. Stagnant water encourages the growth of bacteria and attracts pests. Shutting the pump off does not save energy costs, as turning it on and off repeatedly can waste power. A better option is to get an energy-efficient magnetic drive pool motor or pump and motor complete.  Another option is to talk to your pool vendor about investing in a timer for your pump.

Don’t Sign Contracts

Another way to save money and protect yourself is to avoid getting roped into signing contracts; most service contracts simply limit your freedom as a customer. Be wary of pool service companies that want to lock you into one-sided agreements that make it easier for these vendors to pay less attention to you. Work with a pool service company that won’t tie down customers with prohibitive contracts and that is responsive to your needs.

Invest in a Pool Cover- if you heat your pool

Perhaps the simplest but most effective thing you can do to save money on your pool is to keep it covered with a pool cover to retain the heat you are paying for by using your heater.  Did you know that using a pool cover can save almost one thousand gallons of water from evaporation monthly from a heated pool? Keep your eye on the water level, too; if your pool water gets too low, it can stress out the motor in your pool’s pump. What does this mean for you? It equates to more energy loss, repairs, and expense.

Pool covers are inexpensive and available widely- check the pool manufacturer first. There are also solar cover options that can increase the temperature of your pool’s water without any energy or utility usage but should only be used if your pool has a safety fence or baby fence around it as these covers are not safety covers. 

Lower the Temperature

Talk to your pool technician about turning the heat down on your pool to save some money in energy costs. Essentially, the cooler you keep your pool’s water, the less you will pay- but still, maintain a comfortable temperature. At the very least, turn down the temp when the swimming pool is not being used. Depending on where you live, you may find that you don’t notice a couple of degrees difference which can equate to big savings over time on your energy bills. You may find the water is refreshing when it is a few degrees cooler!

Turn Things Off

Does your pool have additional features, like lighting or fountains? To save some money, turn off features when they are not in use. Things like waterfalls, jets, and fountains are fun, but not necessary and they can suck up a lot of energy when in use. Try turning these features off except for special occasions or entertaining and note the difference in your monthly utility costs.  Better yet invest in pool automation that has these features come on at a set time of day so you and your family can enjoy them and then turns them off automatically too, to save you money while no one is around to see them. 

Also, talk to your pool service techs about installing energy-efficient LED lighting. LED lighting features are ideal for pools, providing cool illumination that costs pennies to operate. Plus, you have a lot of intriguing options for pool lighting, including colored lights, programmed displays, and remote control.

Keep it Full

Beyond the stress and strain that too little water puts on your swimming pool pump, there are other issues associated with the water level that can increase the cost of operating your pool. Since there is no such thing as having too much water in the pool- and no identified problems that you need to worry about- maintain plenty of water in the pool with some simple suggestions.

Always make sure that the water level is at least halfway up the skimmer opening(s), or as indicated by the pool manufacturer. Keep in mind that the water in your pool is constantly evaporating, even when it is not in use. Avoid unnecessary splash-out. It’s ok to have fun in the pool, but wait to hold your cannonball contests until it has already rained and the pool is full to the top! 

Professional Service versus DIY

Remember that regular routine pool service not only keeps your pool clean and pristine, but it also provides the opportunity for an experienced eye to look for potential issues or problems. They can inspect the equipment pad of your pool to make sure things look right when visiting to clean or treat your pool water. This is an invaluable resource to turn to when you have a question or need service right away. Talk to others in your area to see who they rely on for pool service and compare.

Want to save some money on your swimming pool? A leading national study found homeowners spent on average over $60 per month at the pool store.  This does not include anything for their time and for storing dangerous chemicals at their home. If you factor those costs in, most people are spending over $200 per month. It’s usually far less expensive to have a professional do it. 

Use these tips and tricks to cut costs while enjoying all the perks of pool ownership. Pool Troopers is your full-service pool maintenance company for residential pool owners who are tired of doing the work themselves, or who have had mixed experiences with pool service companies in the past. Pool Troopers provides chemical, cleaning, and repair pool services to clients in our wide service area.