Should I Turn My Pool Into a Swimming Pond?

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Swimming Pond Benefits

Benefits of Low Chemical Swimming

Sunday Oct. 7 2012, the Tampa Bay Times reprinted an article by Susan Carpenter of the Los Angeles Times entitled, “Pooling nature”, with the subtitle “Chemical-free swimming ponds are making a splash.” In general, I liked the article and am intrigued by the concepts discussed.

What has me upset about the article was that there was no local editorial caveat explaining that you can’t build one of these pools in most of Florida because large portions of the state are a semitropical climate. We have many “swimming ponds” here in Florida. They are called lakes and rivers.

The article says briefly the system doesn’t work above 86 degrees -saying it’s not a good application for spas. Well it’s not a functioning application for Florida near or below I-4. The article touts the benefits of low chemical or no chemical swimming. The State of Florida doesn’t recognize this as a legal means of filtering, sanitizing, or oxidizing a pool. So to build one would be against the law in Florida- minor detail.

That being said it is not uncommon for technological advances to move faster than laws, but in this case going with a completely natural swimming pond in the semi tropical climates of Florida would be a huge mistake. However if you are interested in low chemical swimming, the article briefly discusses several options that are viable in Florida. Those include Salt Chlorine Generators, Ozone, Ionization, and UV sanitation.

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