Pool Workouts to Effectively Burn Fat

By September 3, 2019 July 19th, 2021 Health
Pool Workouts

If you have a pool, you are in the perfect position to burn fat with regular pool workouts. Working out in the pool is a low impact, cardio activity that is both slimming and muscle-building. Before you begin your workout regimen, make sure that your pool is clean and ready with service from the pool professionals at Pool Troopers. Enjoy success in your efforts to lose weight; call to schedule pool maintenance services today.

Consider adding these pool workouts to effectively burn fat and get closer to your fitness goals:

Simple Steps

When it comes to exercise, a pool is perfect. First, you stay nice and cool working out in the water and, second, the water provides a resistance exercise activity on its own. Tone up and slim down with pool workouts regularly- there are so many great ways to burn fat and lose weight with a pool! Start with something simple like marching in place; you will feel how it uses muscle groups in your legs and core. With time, speed up your pace and add other elements for an all-over workout that you can stick with.

Add Weight

Fun accessory items, like dumbbells, can enhance your workout experience. While you don’t need anything beyond your pool for a fat-burning workout, these items and toys can make the routine a bit more fun and varied. Also, if you feel yourself becoming bored with your current pool workout, it might be time to shake things up and do something differently. This is a perfect time to explore adding things like weights and resistance bands to bring something new to the table.

Practice Resistance

Water is naturally resistant so everything that you do pushes against the pressure of the water making it more effective. This natural resistance is ideal for improving muscle tone and core strength, do basic leg lifts, kicks, arm lifts, and punches to feel the resistance of the water. You don’t need specialized equipment; just use the water as a fulcrum, and push against it to work specific muscle groups of your core. Try a little test: work on clapping your hands vigorously, underwater. It is tough to do and is a perfect example of how the water’s resistance makes workouts more effective.

Speed Things Up

Use your pool for short, fast sprints that go the length of your pool. Try different strokes to hone your swim skills but focus on speed for short, bursts of cardiovascular activity that will effectively burn fat when integrated into your workout routine. Gradually increase the distance or time that you sprint, and you will notice an improvement in your overall endurance over time.

Slow Things Down

After speeding things up with sprints, slow things down with slow laps. Keep a slow, methodical pace that gives you time to slow your heart rate and pulse down before resuming your workout regimen. Concentrate on your muscles and fully stretch to feel the slow laps in the core of your body. Practice mindfulness during this activity: listen to the sounds of nature, feel the sun on your face, enjoy the cool sensation of the water. This can be quite meditative and restorative- the perfect way to start or end a day.

Add Some Music

Shake up your normal routine with some fast-paced, dance music. Just like Zuma or aerobics uses music to motivate and inspire, pipe-in your favorite music to the pool area to add to your workout routine. Create an uplifting and invigorating workout space that makes you want to get up and start moving. The water provides the perfect resistance, so you really don’t need any additional equipment or devices at all- just move! Plus, listening to music can improve overall mood and fend off depression; it is a win-win situation for you.

Focus on Form

Instead of hurrying through your daily routine and workout, try to put some attention on your actual form during the exercises. Watch yourself in a mirror or the reflection of your pool water to ensure you are doing each move properly. This is vital to preventing injury and can also help define and tone your muscles; don’t worry about how many repetitions you complete or how fast you move. Simply focus on your form and doing each movement as precisely and accurately as possible. This will also help you improve your performance and form in each subsequent workout; after all, perfect practice makes perfect!

Make a Daily Commitment

As you embark on your commitment to lose weight and burn fat, obligate yourself to everyday workouts and physical activity. If you have a pool, the only thing stopping you is the weather. Ensure that your pool is ready when you are by having it serviced regularly by an area provider that specializes in maintaining, cleaning, and servicing swimming pools in the region. Don’t get sidetracked by a dirty pool or one that is chemically out of balance when you feel motivated to get in your workout. Make a daily commitment to use your pool to get healthier!

Get Back to Basics

Don’t overthink it: start with very basic calisthenics and movements to begin burning fat in the pool. These activities have been helping people tone-up for generations; you are simply doing them with a twist- in the water. The natural resistance of the water is going to make each maneuver far more effective and you will feel it deep inside your muscles. Swimming is great for the core so don’t be afraid to simply swim some laps and practice your swim strokes during your workout time.

Spend More Time Outside

Got a pool? Make the most of it and embrace the lifestyle that a pool provides for you and your family. First, spend as much time as you can outside; create an enjoyable setting around and near the pool that you want to be part of. Make it a social mecca where you invite friends over and entertain family. Integrate swimming and physical activity into your everyday life organically. Take an early morning swim to wake up first thing and end the day with a relaxing soak and a few laps at night. Enjoy the time that you spend in the water and be grateful for the convenience and pleasure a swimming pool can bring! Soak up the sun when you can- it helps fend off seasonal depression and enhances mood.

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