Clean Pool Water Tips

By April 26, 2018 March 19th, 2020 Water Chemistry
Clean Pool Water Tips

What are some tips and tricks to keep your pool clean? Pool Troopers wants to share some tips that can keep your pool water sparkling and family-friendly in between visits. With these tips, you can keep your pool water clean during any season.

Clean screen and deck with a leaf blower
As dry leaves and debris may accumulate on the top of the pool screen and around the pool deck, use a leaf blower to clean them up before the pool is used.  Make sure you don’t blow them into the pool.

Float a tennis ball if you have a heavy use pool by sunbathers
Homestructions suggests that a tennis ball be thrown into the pool. It will suck up excess oils from suntan lotion, which can rapidly lead to a dirty pool. The tennis ball can stay in the pool water to keep it clean between visits.  There are also enzyme cleaners to help remove built up suntan produces from pool water.  Please ask swimmers to rinse off at a shower before going in all lathered up with suntan oil.

Clean along tile line
When clients don’t utilize our full cleaning service we often see dirty tile lines.  Since dirt and debris can float along the top of the water, cleaning the tiles weekly is recommended.  Cleaning the walkway along the pool will also prevent dirt from being tracked into the pool.

Track the water loss
Year round but more so in the summer and warm months, pool water evaporates. If you are adding more than an inch of water to your pool each week you may want to have your pool checked for leaks.  Constantly loosing pool chemicals and rebalancing from water loss due to leaks makes the pool hard to maintain and adds to pool owner frustration.
Keep an Eye on Pets
The addition of dogs and dog hair will make the pool dirtier.  Skimmer and pump baskets need to be cleaned more often.  Pet swimmers also use up the pools sanitizer faster than human swimmers so keep an eye on Chlorine levels in between visits if you have swimming pets.

Fire-up that skimmer basket if you have fine debris clogging your pump impeller
If you have had a repair for clearing a clogged impeller due to seasonal debris or pet hair, you can catch more debris, hair, and fine dirt by wrapping some pantyhose around the skimmer basket. The fabric helps trap smaller particles, with its tight mesh. Clean out the basket often (sometimes twice a day) and remember to skim clean the surface of the water.

Keep the bugs away
Floating bugs in the pool are bothersome and unappealing to swimmers. To keep them away, plant some lemongrass nearby for the citronella smell. Place lemongrass in containers if no grassy area is near the pool. Dryer sheets also work to keep bees and bugs away – line baskets and make them a decorative addition.

Keep clothing-clad swimmers out

Over time, frayed fabrics and assorted fibers will make the pool dirty. Make it a rule that only bathing suits are allowed in the pool.

Testing as well as regular maintenance is necessary to keep your pool clean, sparkling and swim-safe. If your pool water needs cleaning, give Pool Troopers a call to assess the situation.