Pool Safety Month Initiative

By May 1, 2017 January 22nd, 2019 Water Chemistry
Pool Safety Month Initiative

Pool Safety

Get a free Pool Watcher Badge to signify you understand the Importance of active watching of young swimmers.

Pool Troopers is proud to offer a free pool watcher badge to anyone who requests one on our website.  This badge is meant to be worn by the adult in charge of actively watching the children in the pool. It is a message to other adults to let them do their job and not to interfere.

It’s also a reminder to the wearer. They need to be focused on the swimmers and not get distracted that could lead to tragedy.  Phone calls, social media, text messages are examples.

“It only takes a few seconds for someone to drown, a vigilant watcher at poolside while children are swimming is a mandatory line of defense,” says Pool Troopers CEO Gary Crayton.  “We created the badge as a reminder of this and we will be doing even more in the future to teach children that they shouldn’t get in the pool unless a watcher is present, this badge is the first step.”

Swimming pool safety is year round – 24/7, but for this one month, it is going to be a topic in the news.  Every pool should have at least two layers of protection, and three is better.  If not clear with the concept of barriers of protection we put a few great videos on our website that explains the concept.  To learn more, read Pool Watcher badge