Pool Exercises for Any Age

By March 5, 2018 August 31st, 2021 Fitness, Health
Pool Exercises

When you think of your pool, leisurely swimming comes to mind. However, many people can benefit from exercise that is done in water, aside from swimming laps. Seniors and kids, as well as those in-between seeking to burn calories, can find a variety of water exercises that are both fun and active.

Water Aerobics in Shallow Water
Some examples of water aerobics that are good for all ages include:

• Leg Lifts
• Biking the Noodle
• Ladder pulls
• Running in water

Leg Lift – Leaning back against the side of the pool at the edge, straighten legs and then raise both legs up by keeping them together and still straight. You can also do this by sitting on the edge of the pool and lifting both legs from there.

Biking the Noodle – You can ride the noodle like a bike by peddling your legs. This will make you go forward. Go back and forth across the pool to enhance cardio. This is great for kids to do along with you for fun.

Ladder Pulls – Outside of the water or partly in it, grasp onto the ladder and pull up, using your arms to lower and pull yourself out of the water. Repeat. By changing your grip, you can work certain muscle groups. If the ladder is located in the deep end this exercise should only be done by confident swimmers. Make sure the ladder is secure and free of damage before attempting.

Flutter Kicks – Low impact and cardio, you can do them with a kickboard or without one. Use a kickboard to cross the pool or float by the edge of the pool, holding on, while kicking your legs at a steady tempo.

Maintaining Flexibility
Water Walking – Opposing muscles are stretched and flexed, as you walk your way to fitness and flexibility. Water marching is another aspect of this routine as the knees are bent more.

Running in Water – Stimulates a higher degree of activity; running is a great cardio enhancer.

Ankle Rotations – Walking is stimulated by the flexibility of the talus bone, done by rotating the ankle in a water setting.

Water Yoga and Tai Chi
These can be done in your home pool, a class at a fitness center or a public pool. Aquatic cycling, with special underwater bicycles, is another offering, although you might not want to do this in your own pool. Some classes can teach you movement using water weights, noodles, gloves, kickers, flippers and other tools that are provided at the facility. You can later purchase your favorites to use in your own pool at home.

Social Interaction
Activities and aerobics in your pool can provide a great way to have fun with family and friends. Gather a bunch of people together and have fun while being social. Moreover, it provides low-impact fitness.

If you have arthritis, you can benefit from exercising in the pool. Since any age can develop this condition, water aerobics movement is recommended for all ages, from 15 to 95. Additionally, warm water in the pool can provide therapy along with fitness. Read more about water therapy here.

There are many benefits of exercising in water and they can be appreciated in all ages, plus they’re great for weight loss. Some benefits of increased movement in general are:

Boosted brain power
Weight loss
Relief from stress

In water workouts, the heart rates are 13% lower when compared to land exercise.

We want you to enjoy fitness in your pool at any age. Children can benefit from the movement and activity if they are not fond of swimming or like to stay in shallow water. Pool Troopers can help you maintain a healthy pool environment with our service, repai, and cleaning. Browse our blog and website to learn more, then contact us.