Pool Cleaning Tips for in Between Pool Troopers Maintenance

By May 26, 2020 June 17th, 2020 Cleaning & Maintenance
Pool cleaning

Is your swimming pool clean? It can be tough to keep your pool clean and clear on your own. If you have a service there are some potential some things to address between swimming pool maintenance and service visits. If you live in Florida, Texas, or Arizona, call on the industry professionals at Pool Troopers to take care of your pool and ensure that it is always ready for a dip. Between visits, consider the following suggestions to keep your pool sparkling clean:

Don’t Forget About the Filter

If you are only on professional chemical service, one of your main jobs will be to maintain the filter. Check the pool filter frequently. Your pool filter is intended to remove dirt and debris out of the water, so it is imperative that it is functioning properly and cleaned periodically. A good rule of thumb is to clean your filter every time you vacuum the pool. If you have an oversized filter that only needs quarterly cleaning we recommend hiring a professional to do this large task. For regular-sized filters, clean the filter two times a month throughout the pool season using a high-pressure water hose nozzle for cartridges and the manufacturers recommended a backwash rinse cycle for DE and sand filters. Don’t forget to read DE after the cleaning of your DE filter.

Reassembly of some filters can be tricky and dangerous; if you are unfamiliar with the risks and unsure of proper techniques please consult the web or call and have a professional do it for you. Unremoved air from your system during restart is a severe risk to person and property.

Clean the Skimmer Basket

Even if you have a pool service, you can help your pool a lot during heavy debris times of the year by checking the baskets. Just like the filter, the pool skimmer basket is intended to keep debris and dirt out of the water. If it is clogged or dirty, it prevents proper water flow, and the whole system strains and suffers not working as effectively as when it is clean. Skimmer Baskets are typically found installed on the side of the pool, skimming debris, leaves, and pollutants from the surface of the water. If not skimmed away, these contaminants can become waterlogged, sinking to the bottom, and become harder to retrieve. Not to mention this is how water becomes soiled, cloudy, and dirty – nobody wants that.

Empty the Pump Basket

Again at certain times of the year, you may need to help out the pool professional by addressing your baskets- you know during leaf season or pollen season. There is a small basket at the front of the pool pump that is there to collect small debris that bypasses the skimmer basket or enters through the main drain. This should be emptied by your pool cleaner but you may need to help when the pool is getting a lot of debris. Make sure to turn off the pump first. After you restart the pump and it re-catches prime it will be necessary to bleed the air out of the system from the filter air relief valve – be sure you have seen the safety videos from your filter manufacturer online before you attempt this and never lean on or over a filter- ever!

Keep an Eye on the Water Level

Make sure that you are keeping track of the water level in your pool. If it is too high and there is excess water from rainfall, etc., it can impact the performance of your skimmer, leading to a dirty pool. Wondering the consequences of allowing your pool to get too low? If the water level dips down too low, it can overwork and burn-out your pool pump. Watch the water level and save yourself some costly headaches.

Keep water levels half way up the skimmer opening on most pools. If you have questions ask a pool professional.

Give It a Shock

On rare occasions after heavy use or storms you may need to shock your pool between service visits to keep the water safe. If you have a party and 20 children spent four hours in the pool and no one took a bathroom break- you probably need to shock the pool -or at least call the service professional for a special trip out!

Clean Those Feet

Another way to keep your pool clean between cleaning visits is to keep dirt and debris from getting in the pool, to begin with. This means that you should be mandating that swimmers rinse off feet before getting in the water, to remove any dirt or debris that could make it to the pool. If you have ever visited public pools, you may have noticed that many have showers or stations intended to rinse off before entering and when exiting the swimming pool. This is to curb the debris that finds its way into the water. If you do not have the budget to install a rinsing station for your pool guests, you could implement a kiddie-pool or tub filled with water for rinsing feet before stepping foot on the pool deck.

If you live in Texas, Arizona, or Florida, call and schedule pool service with Pool Troopers. Since 1952, they have been servicing, repairing, and treating pools widely. Maintain your pool in-between visits and keep the water crystal clear with these suggestions from industry professionals. After all, nobody wants to swim in a dirty or cloudy pool; it could be full of algae and bacteria! Have your pool professionally cleaned and maintain it using these pool cleaning tips.