Black Algae Prevention in Swimming Pools

By June 20, 2017 November 6th, 2018 Cleaning & Maintenance
Black Algae Prevention

Rain Spurs Black Algae Pool Issues

Warm weather and proximity to water go hand in hand with a large amount of rain. This rain has several effects on your pool. Rain tends to knock black algae off of screens, plants, trees, and decks and carry it into the pool. In most instances, there is enough chlorine in your water to kill the black algae before it has a chance to take root in your pool and bloom.

In times of very heavy rains, however, the pool’s chemistry is overrun by the amount of rain and the black algae has a chance to grow in the pool. Black Algae is tough to remove from pools and it usually takes several treatments to remove it. During this treatment, it is vital to identify and remove the source of the black algae for success.

The best way to avoid black algae in your pool during the heavy rain season is to stop it from entering the pool in the first place.

Our experience gives us a short list of usual suspects when it comes to sources of black algae:

  • Clean or pressure wash decks and patio furniture
  • Have your screen and rail system pressure washed periodically
  • Loosen bottom screen rails at low spots to allow water to flow off the deck
  • Clean gutters out after the winter leaves fall
  • Trim back plants and trees that overhang the pool
  • Pressure wash rocks and water features that overhang the pool

Unfortunately, algae can be carried in spore form by wind gusts, so not all means of entry into your pool can be cleaned up. If you notice Black Algae in the pool contact us. We will develop a plan with you to eliminate the Black Algae from your pool as well as from the environment around your pool.