Energy Efficient Pool Products

By February 20, 2018 October 28th, 2021 Cleaning & Maintenance
Energy Efficient Pool Products

Investing in energy-saving equipment ensures the ability to have an environmentally-friendly energy efficient swimming pool, saving you money in the long run. Pool Troopers can help you with the maintenance, pool chemical service, salt systems, cleaning and repair of your energy efficient pool.

Pool Pumps
Pool pumps work by circulating water promoting both water clarity and hygiene. Water passes through the filter as the pool pump re-circulates the water. A pump that is Variable Speed is more efficient because it can be programmed with different speeds to reduce your energy usage. Magnetic drive variable speed motors use one-eighth of the energy of a normal pump when you cut their speed in half. So by running the variable motor twice as long to move the same amount of water you use ¼ of the energy (1/8 * 2 = ¼).

It is also important to note that a variable speed magnetic drive motor attached to your pump at the same speed as your current induction motor is already 1/3 more efficient due to the lack of friction in its design. The motor turns by magnetic force there is no friction and associated heat (energy) loss, like current motor technology.

According to the Energy Star website, an Energy Star certified pump saves money in the long run and has these benefits:

Can save more than a thousand dollars during its lifetime
Pays for itself in less than two years (Pool Troopers guarantees this over three years or we reduce your new motor cost on the spot!)
Runs quieter
Filtering system life is prolonged

When it is time to replace the pool pump, pool owners should consider replacing theirs with one that is more energy efficient.

Filter choice can also make the pool more energy efficient. At present, filters can be chosen from the following list:

• Sand
• Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
• Cartridge

Sand has been used the longest in filtering pools, is the oldest technology and is the least efficient at filtering water as dirt can build up in channels and hinder the filtration process. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters water the best but requires more intense maintenance and cleaning. The most energy efficient filter choice is the cartridge.

Cartridge filters contain an element made of special material that is pleated, and that captures dirt and debris from the water that passes through it. The larger your cartridge filter, the more efficient it will be, as it cuts the workload of your entire system by presenting a larger flow-through area. Be aware very large oversized filters, while very efficient and green, do require a pool professional to take apart and clean due to their size and weight. Replacement cartridge elements can be expensive, but in water-conscious communities, they are the filter of choice.

A cartridge gets the task of filtration done efficiently, saving money and energy.

Heaters will extend the pool season during the chillier days and are especially useful for a spa. Types of heaters include:

• heat pumps
• solar
• gas heaters

Heat pumps maintain the heat well but take longer to achieve the right temperature. They are right if the goal is keeping the heat at a constant temperature.

The environmental champion, solar pool heating, is ideal in sunny areas and can deliver heating bills with low costs for the pool owner. There should not be a need for rapid heating to achieve a swim-ready pool if solar is the choice as the sole means of pool heating.

The downsides to solar are that having the pool water pumped onto your roof may require an entire pool equipment pad update, leaks in house roof, and the inability to function on cloudy days or if your roof is poorly situated for the sun. There is also a potentially unsightly view of panels and pipes for you and your neighbors.

Gas heaters are the undisputed choice for spas due to their quick heat-up times. For gas heaters, the best choice lies in selecting one with a good rating for high thermal efficiency. Learn more about the different types of heaters here.

Replacement of Older Equipment
Replacement of older equipment with more modern equipment might be worth the time and dollars saved in the long run. Find out more about how long equipment lasts and when it is time to replace it. Since there is an abundance of energy saving options available today, it makes sense to investigate alternatives that will save money and be kinder to the planet.

The Bottom Line
Pool Troopers is your go-to source for all pool maintenance and equipment repair issues, as well as product recommendations if you’re interested in making your pool more energy efficient. We are the choice of thousands of satisfied clients since 1952. Browse our website, read our blog and contact us with any questions.