Dealing with Insects in Your Pool

By July 5, 2020 October 19th, 2020 Cleaning & Maintenance

Nothing hampers a day at the pool like the buzzing and bother of bugs and insects. Unfortunately, many types of pests are naturally drawn to swimming pools and it can be challenging to get them to relocate. No pool owner wants insects and pests in and around the pool, nor do you want your friends and family to get bitten. If you live in Arizona, Texas, or Florida, you can rely on the cleaning and service expertise of professionals at Pool Troopers; wherever you live, there are some ways to curb the appeal of your pool to pesky bugs.

Use these tips to deal with insects in and around your Pool:

Start with the Water bugs

Get rid of water bugs first. These pests are naturally drawn to your swimming pool, but you don’t have to provide them with a comfortable place to hang. Water bugs will live off the algae that form along the sides of your pool. Remove this food source by maintaining a proper Chlorine Reading in your pool water; follow directions as indicated by the manufacturer. Skim the water of your pool daily during peak season to get rid of any debris that could attract water bugs to your property. Hire a pool professional to clean your pool, which also helps reduce algae and subsequent insect issues.

Take Care of the Landscaping

Is the landscaping around your pool and backyard attracting pests like insects? Make sure that you perform necessary landscape maintenance to keep insects at bay. Trim back tall grass and weed routinely. Prune trees and get rid of the dead limbs or branches, pronto. Mow your grass regularly to control weeds and pests. Make this easier on yourself by hiring a landscape company in the area for regularly scheduled maintenance.

Go the extra mile by planting things that naturally deter insects like strong herbs, garlic, and mint. Bugs are also turned-off by marigold, so consider lining your pool deck perimeter with this colorful annual. This aroma will send insects packing.

Enclose the Pool Deck

Another highly effective way to decrease bugs, insects, and creepy-crawlies from your pool is to simply enclose the pool area. Fine screen works well and is effective-enough at keeping bugs down to a minimum. Plus, it is guaranteed to work indefinitely. As for other options, patio curtains can reduce bugs though a few may slip through occasionally as the space will only be partially enclosed. Try installing fans around the pool deck to keep air circulating and give insects less of a chance to visit your pool.

Mist Away Bugs

Talk to your landscaper about a bug misting system as another way to curb insects near and around your pool deck. The mister works by exuding a periodic stream of bug repellent that deters pests. This may not be the best option for those pool owners with pets or wildlife near the property due to the chemicals used in the mister.

Trap Them

Did you know that you can set traps for insects around the pool? This is probably the simplest way to eradicate the issue quickly and effectively. Bug traps usually have a fragrance that attracts insects where they become contained or poisoned, depending on the type of traps used. You may also choose a trap that shocks the insects that become trapped inside. Some pest removal professionals will set and service traps for their clients.

Use Aromatherapy

Another way to hinder insect activity is with aromatherapy, that is, using scents that don’t appeal to the pests. For example, have you ever used a citronella candle or torch to deter mosquitos? Consider essential oil diluted with water and spritzed around the perimeter of the pool. For an oil that is sure to turn-off insects, but that smells lovely, choose quality oil of Geranium. Geranium typically repels flies, ants, fleas, ticks, and gnats.

Check the Chlorine

If you are noticing an increase in insect activity, it could be time to check the chemical composition of your pool. Are algae forming along the sides? Are there any puddles of standing water nearby? Go ahead and check the pool’s chlorine and pH. Typically, the chemical treatment of the pool water will kill any bugs that do end up in the pool. If the water is not treated properly, there is a chance that bugs will thrive and prosper in your pool, potentially creating a hazard and subjecting all who swim to being bitten. The right chlorination of the pool will prevent insects from becoming an issue in the water.

Remember if the water is safe for a bug – its not safe for swimmers! If a bug can live in the pool so can harmful viruses and bacteria. Always keep a safe amount of chlorine in your pool water.

Light a Fire

Fire is a natural repellent for insects and bugs. Why not add a fire feature, like a firepit, to the pool deck area? A campfire of any type will curb the insects that you have buzzing around, and the smoke will hinder them from bothering you. Talk to your pool service company about installing an outdoor fireplace to use when enjoying your pool area, but that also helps to curb insect issues and prevent any chance of infestations from occurring.

Consider the Configuration

Make sure that the problem isn’t stemming from another body of water nearby, like a pond or lake. These are often the perfect places to find insects. If eliminating this source is not an option, then find out about treating the pond, stream, or lake with a chemical to prevent the insect larvae from hatching. This simply curbs the insect population on the property. Some municipalities will treat the pond water for insect control for you.

Install Warm Yellow Lights

Keep bugs from finding your property appealing by using warm, yellow bulbs in your outdoor light fixtures and bulbs. Opt for yellow CFL or LED, which is a cost-efficient choice, although yellow incandescent bulbs will work equally as well at repelling bugs.

Let Nature Run Its Course

Pool owners also have the option of letting nature run its course; wildlife often eat insects, creating the circle of life. If you feed and encourage birds to visit your property, they will inherently reduce the insect population by your pool. But, how to attract and bring the birds to your yard and pool in the first place? Well, some tips include leaving leaves alone for birds to use to nest, don’t use chemicals around your yard or landscaping, and plant native species to lure the birds in. Following these tips will help to increase the bird population while reducing the number of insects that you see around the property.

Call on Pool Troopers for full-service pool maintenance, cleaning, chemical treatment, and repair issues. Tired of dealing with it on your own? Call the industry insiders at Pool Troopers and resolve your pool issues swiftly and successfully. Nobody wants insects impacting a day by the pool. Call to schedule an estimate for service provision today!