Water Safety Equipment for the Family

By December 5, 2017 November 5th, 2018 Water Safety
Water Safety Equipment

As the warmer weather approaches, you will want to make sure that your pool has all the safety equipment needed. Water safety is an issue that involves the whole family as well as the right safety equipment. In addition to swimming lessons for everyone, having a pool service confirm that your equipment is working properly ensures everyone’s safety.

Teach Your Children to Swim
Besides never leaving a young child unattended in the water or near it, there are other factors that parents can employ that have been recommended by the government on their pool safety website:

  • Have kids stay away from drains
  • Utilize compliant drain covers
  • Install barriers, alarms, and covers
  • Learn how to do CPR, just in case it is needed

There is even a water safety pledge that is called for before heading to the pool with the family. Young children can check out the Kids Corner of the government Pool Safety website to learn more about being safe while enjoying family fun.

Fences and Gates
Be sure to have a fence around your pool area for water safety. A gate with an alarm may also be helpful in keeping out unsupervised youngsters. There are a variety of styles and materials to choose from when installing a fence or gate around the pool, including those that are completely transparent.

Alarms for the Gate and Door
If you have young children, you might want to install a gate alarm that will sound when the gate or back door is opened for more than a few seconds.

Pool Signage
If you have parties by the pool or guests using the pool, signage will make the pool area a bit safer.

Rescue Equipment
Such equipment as First Aid Kits and throw ropes are needed as well as a pool safety ring or ring buoy. There are also pool safety items for pets, such as a ramp that Rover can scamper up on to get out of the water.

Pool Filter Maintenance
Having a pool service is a bonus in keeping the pool clean and safe to swim in. A safety inspection of the pool filter and pump can be made, as well as checking of the seals and O-rings. Springtime is a great season in which to check the equipment in the pool to make sure it is ready for the safety and enjoyment of your family. You might find a special to make taking care of the equipment possible at a reduced price. Pool Troopers can also clean your pool properly, adding to the safety of your family.

Pool Handrails and Tile
You’ll want to make sure that handrails are working properly and are not shaking or loose. Tiles should be in good condition and not missing or cracked. Pool Troopers can help you with repair issues as well as replacement of worn equipment.

Chemical Safety
Storage of chlorine additives on your property can be dangerous, as pets and children can access them. You can have a salt chlorine generator system installed to eliminate the problem of chemical storage around your home. Sometimes a salt chlorine generator can be part of the service from the Premium Pool Chemical Service; with a service agreement, there is no initial cost for the generator.

Pool Troopers can help insure that your Florida swimming pool is safe and up to standards. With water safety as something the family can learn through swimming lessons and safety discussions, having the right safety equipment is an important step in preventing drowning, especially among young children. Browse our website and give us a call to get your pool ready for safe family fun.