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We guarantee you will save $1,000 over a three-year period if you switch your 1-hp or larger induction motor to a new energy efficient variable speed motor. We feel so strongly about this savings we also warranty the motor for the whole 3 years! Check out the IM Motor tab to make your pool work great and save energy! Learn more!

Our Scope

We fix and replace everything on residential pools including motors, timers, lights, heaters, filters, pool pumps, valves, plumbing, skimmers and main drains including VGB Compliant drain covers, leaks, automation, in-floor cleaners, automatic pool cleaners and handrails.

Our Rates

$100/hour with a one hour minimum for a pool mechanic service call. Time beyond one hour is billed in quarter hour increments.

New Equipment

We sell and install the industry’s best brands and focus on energy efficient pumps and motors, proper sizing, hydraulic efficiency, correct plumbing, and safety when selecting the best equipment fit for your pool. All new equipment quotes are FREE to our service clients. Call today about a new energy efficient pool equipment and save money. Learn more.

Heating Pools and Spas

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