Pool Draining & Refilling Services

Having a backyard swimming pool is a great way to beat the heat. It’s important to pay attention to proper maintenance procedures, however, to ensure yours gives you as much enjoyment as possible. Due to evaporation from the heat and the relative hardness of the water, it’s recommended that if you live in Arizona your pool be drained and refilled every three to five years whether it needs any repair work. If it’s time to have this done, call Pool Troopers for complete professional pool drain and refill service.

What Do Pool Draining Services Entail?

It is strongly recommended that you hire licensed and insured professionals to perform your pool drain and refill. Without the right expertise and equipment, you could end up damaging your pool and creating a dangerous situation. Without water in the pool, the hydrostatic pressure created by groundwater in the dirt around it can cause it to buckle and crack or even rise right out of the ground. Maintaining the right balance of pressure between the empty pool and the surrounding earth requires the right amount of know-how.

Additionally, exposure to direct sunlight and wind without water can cause the lining of your pool to blister or peel. These are just two of the many reasons why it pays to call us for pool water removal service and to refill it. Our experts will arrive at your home and use your pool’s filtration system in conjunction with our own equipment to remove water through the drains at the bottom.

When you drain and clean your pool on a regular basis, you prevent the buildup of algae in the water. You also prevent minerals from building up on the surface of the pool as well as inside your filtration system.

Why Choose Pool Troopers?

We’ve been serving homeowners with comprehensive pool services since 1952. Each one of our employees has undergone a rigorous screening and hiring process to ensure that we always provide the highest levels of customer service. When you need to drain and refill your pool, one call to Pool Troopers is all you need to be sure you’ll get the best help available in Arizona, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. Click here to learn more about why you should leave this aspect of your pool’s maintenance to the professionals.

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