Pool Pump Replacement
And Installation

Your pool’s motor is the heart of your pool’s water circulation and filtration system. It’s what keeps your pool crystal clear on a hot summer day, eliminates bacteria, and disperses chemicals throughout. Maintaining your pool’s motor is essential to keeping your pool’s water clean and safe.

Pool Troopers is here to take care of all your pool’s equipment needs including pump/motor installation, replacement, repairs, and more. We offer our services throughout Florida, Arizona, and Texas.

Installation, Repairs, Replacement, and More

Repairing or replacing a nonfunctional pool motor is not a task to delay. A pool without a functioning motor for circulation can allow bacteria to form,  making the pool not swim safe. Pool Troopers understands the importance of keeping your pool equipment functioning properly, and we offer the highest-quality products, some of which will even help save you money monthly.

Pools vary in size as well as the amount of features in the pool. It will take a professional to determine the right variable speed motor that suits your pools specific needs. We are able to install the latest technology in variable speed pool motors that are adjustable to accommodate different styles of pools. These motors are efficient and will save pool owners money every month in energy costs.

Services we provide:

  • Pool motor installation
  • Pool motor repair
  • Pool motor replacement

Pool Troopers carries a variety of ENERGY STAR certified pool motors, including the Pentair SuperMax VS, Pentair IntelliPro , Jandy Pro Series  and more. ENERGY STAR certified motors can save pool owners more than $1,000 within the first three years of installation.. They run quieter, increase the life of the filtering system, and ultimately pay for themselves in less than two years. Our experts recommend replacing a failing pool motor with one that’s more efficient.

Pool Troopers Knows Best

Pool Troopers is your No. 1 source for top-quality pool motors as well as installation, repair, and replacement services. Pool Troopers knows that a quality pool motor means a cleaner and safer pool, and we specialize in ensuring your motor runs perfectly. Contact us to learn more about our variable speed motors for your pool , as well as the wide range of other services our team can provide.

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