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Pool Troopers is your full service pool maintenance company for residential pool owners who are tired of doing the work themselves, or who have experienced hit and miss service with other pool service companies.

Premium Chemical Service

With one call you start enjoying our premium chemical service, expertise and equipment monitoring.
Starting at $49 per month.

Conventional Chemical Service

Let our experts perfect your pool’s chemistry.
All pool chemicals included.
Starting at $59 per month

Cleaning Services

Choose from one of our three cleaning options.
Customized cleaning packages available upon request.
We have the right option for any pool.

Repair Services

Eliminate downtime…
We offer emergency repair services.
Also ask about proactive repair services.

Pool Repair Technician

Our Freedom Guarantee

We exist for one reason, to give residential pool owners freedom.

No Contracts Ever
Pool Repair Advantage Badge
Free Salt

“I have used Bay Area Pools both in Tampa and Naples and have received excellent service. My pools are always sparkling clean, all my valves are tight with no leaks, the pump is on maintained and on timers, I have to worry about nothing. Thank you Bay”