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Conventional Chemical Service

Goodbye pool chemical headaches. Hello family fun.

Our Conventional Chemical Service

Enjoy the freedom of our Conventional Chemical Service for just $59 per month.

  • All Weekly Pool Chemicals Included

  • Perfect Pool Water Chemistry

  • Water Testing & Equipment Monitoring

Our Conventional Pool Chemical Service includes all the necessary chemicals to keep you and your family swim safe and enjoying your blue clear pool, without the free use of our Salt Water Chlorine Generator.

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Pool Chemicals Conventional Chemical Service - FAQs

Why is there an initial start-up fee between $25 - $50 for the Premium Chemical Service?

The initial start-up fee covers the full assessment, additional visits and monitoring required to get your pool properly balanced and in perfect swim-shape at the outset. Typically, if your pool water is in relatively good shape the start-up fee is somewhere between $25 to $50. If the pool has any unforeseen issues the fee may be $75 or higher in rare situations, but if that’s the case Pool Troopers will always discuss and quote the fee prior to any work being done during the start-up period.

Are there any additional fees?

Every pool on our Chemical Service Program is charged an annual fee of $15.00 which covers the cost of stabilizer (Isocyanuric Acid) that your pool receives throughout the year. This important chemical acts as a chlorine stabilizer in your pool, allowing it to persist through the activation of sunlight. We charge $15.00 on your March billing for this ongoing service.

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