Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m on your chemical service, but I am not sure how to properly clean my cartridge filter. Can you show me?

Yes, we can provide instructions on how to clean your filter or better yet, we can provide that service for you.

Swimming Pool Questions –Cartridge Filters are pressure vessels made to handle water pressure but become dangerous if they are under air pressure (Air compresses- more pressure, water doesn’t compress-normal pressure). So, the first and most important thing is to follow your Filter’s Manufacturer’s guidelines for properly cleaning your filter with special attention to opening and closing your filter, with the system off and depressurized. Doing these steps improperly can lead to injury or worse. Then after cleaning and reassembly, you must properly bleed off the air pressure when you restart the system to fill the vessel with water again according to your manufacturer’s guidelines. Many things can go wrong at this point, and this is where accidents usually occur.

In our opinion it’s best to have a professional do this service. Call our Customer Service Team to set up an instructor or call to schedule the  Filter Cleaning Service.

2. Your premium service offers “Use of a Salt Chlorine Generator,” is this for real, are there additional hidden costs?

This is for real!

We own thousands of these units and we put them on clients’ pools, giving them all the benefits of the Salt Chlorine Generator, without any of the negatives of ownership, for the same price as our conventional chemical service.

3. What is included in your chemical service?

Our trained technician will check your equipment and test and balance your chemicals during every visit. All chemicals are included in your monthly price and you do not have to worry about purchasing or transporting pool chemicals.

4. What is included in your Full Service Cleaning?

Pool Troopers’ Full Cleaning Service includes balancing the pool chemistry, netting the pool, cleaning the tile, brushing the entire wall surface, vacuuming the pool as needed, cleaning the skimmer and pump baskets, cleaning the filter as needed, and checking the equipment.

5. Is there a less expensive option to your Full Service Cleaning?

Our customers have the option of Brush Basket Filter Service. Unlike the Full Cleaning, this does not include tile brushing, netting the surface, or vacuuming. Customers will be responsible for doing this on their own to ensure a blue, clear, and swim safe pool!

6. What’s your most popular cleaning service?

Every Other Week Full Cleaning is our most popular cleaning service for clients with a screen enclosed pool. Weekly Full Cleaning is the most popular with clients who have unscreened pools.

7. My electric bill for my pool is very high. Can you do anything to help me lower my bill?

Absolutely, old technology inertia drive pool motors are usually the second biggest energy users at your home. We offer energy efficient variable speed replacement motors that meet Florida’s new Pool Energy Law, and more importantly save you money.

Learn more about this motor and other energy efficient pool products.

8. What does the Florida Energy Efficiency law mean for my pool?

The simple explanation for this code is: All residential pool pump motors on the circulatory system (attached to your filter) that are greater than 3/4 HP will need to be changed to variable or 2-speed motors when they need to be replaced.

There are exceptions for motors still under manufacturers warranty, but all other motors on the circulatory system of the pool need to be upgraded when replaced.

These new variable speed motors are a huge technological improvement over old inertia drive motors. They will save you money and we guarantee it. If you replace your 1 HP or greater inertia drive motor with a new variable speed motor Pool Troopers Guarantees you will save at least $1000 in energy over a three year period, and we back it up by warranting the motor for the third year ourselves- you can’t lose! Learn more about energy efficient products.

There are also new rules for pool heaters, heat pumps and plumbing. You can read more on our Blog.

9. The weather is beautiful but my pool is too cold. What’s the best way to heat my pool and/or spa?

Great question! Short answer- Heat Pumps for Pools and Gas Heat for Spas, and yes get both if you have both.

Long answer. There are many times we wish the swim season was extended into the Winter or began early in the Spring. The best way to heat a pool is with a source that can take advantage of that warmer air and turn it into warm pool water.

A Heat Pump is designed specifically to take advantage of the warm air of Florida giving us an extended and early swim season. Heat pumps are more dependable and efficient than ever. They can even cool your pool in the summer!

If you need to swim daily for therapy or state of mind a heat pump with a gas heater as a backup is the way to go.

We get asked about gas all the time. Gas Heat is a great option to heat a spa. It is the fastest performing heater and for the small body of water in your spa it is the best way to go. But it is usually too expensive to use to heat a pool except in an emergency instance.

Solar heat for your pool depending upon your house’s roof position may also meet your needs but has less dependability due to roof positioning, trees and cloud cover than does a heat pump.

10. Using my spa is great but I never remember which valves to turn. Is there an app for that?

The answer is Automation, and yes there is an APP for that, but most people find that they do not need that sophisticated an automation system to accomplish their needs. Most users are happy with an Automation system that uses buttons and operates all the functions of their pool and spa, making using your spa one touch simplicity….but if you need all the bells and whistles, we do have an APP for that! You can run your whole house from any internet capable device with top of the line Automation systems.

11. I need my pool repaired. Does Pool Troopers do that?

YES! Our Mechanics are the best in the Industry, and our two lead Mechanics have both been with us for over 25 years! You get all that experience, a professional pool mechanic, and a well stocked truck- providing an over 80% first trip repair rate. Learn more about our repair department.

12. Your Customer Service team mentioned a “Start Up” fee, what does that cover?

The start-up fee covers our trips, the chemicals and parts we use to get your pool cleaned, circulating, filtering and chemically balanced before it is put onto a route. If you are going on our Premium Chemical Service, we also add the Salt to your pool and put our Salt Chlorine Generator on your pool during this process.

Blue clear pools that are properly balanced and already have a spot for our Salt Generator usually experience no start-up fees. If the pool is having issues we will quote the start-up fee range before we do the work. If you know your pool is “swampy” green, let our customer service team know so we can properly quote the job for you.

13. Will my swimming pool & spa be cleaned & serviced on the same day each week?

Yes, we schedule our technicians on a consistent basis to maintain your swimming pool. Exceptions during holiday weeks or severe weather may arise, but we will always communicate schedule changes whenever possible.

14. May I change the day of the week my swimming pool is cleaned or change the technician if I wish?

Pool Troopers service does our very best to accommodate different scheduling issues that may arise. We service neighborhoods based on geographical zones per day. If an issue arises please call our customer service.

15. Why does Pool Troopers include the use of their salt system for with Premium Chemical Service?

Providing you with the use of our Salt System also ensures that we can guarantee swim-safe, clear, and perfectly balanced water. We know the equipment because it’s ours, and we take full responsibility for its proper function and maintenance.

16. What happens if I cancel my Premium Service?

We simply remove our salt system and re-plumb your original system at no additional cost to you.

17. Why does Pool Troopers include the use of their salt system for with Premium Chemical Service?

Providing you with the use of our Salt System also ensures that we can guarantee swim-safe, clear, and perfectly balanced water. We know the equipment because it’s ours, and we take full responsibility for its proper function and maintenance.

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