Video Transcription

Hi, this is Anthony with Pool Troopers. One of the things that we run into a lot with our customers and people who own pools and spas is they hate going out and having to remember what valves to turn and what to do in order to make their hot tub hot and get in it. A great solution to that is using automation. This is a Jandy AquaLink. It’s a great option for you. That will give you the ability from either your smartphone or a controller inside your house to turn your pool or spa on or off, turn your lights on, and heat your spa within 15 or 20 minutes, and then you can just hop in and you never have to go out and look at the equipment. If you’re interested in that, please give us a call.

Pool Troopers – America’s Backyard Heroes are here to serve all of your pool service and repair needs throughout the year. We make it incredibly easy for our customers to relax by the pool instead of having to worry about the condition of their pool.

At Pool Troopers, we take the pain out of pool maintenance by eliminating hassles and saving you money.
Our pool chemical service packages were designed with your budget and time in mind. Pool Trooper customers receive free use of our salt chlorine generator and the peace of mind that your pool is in safe swim condition year round.