Pool Troopers History

Creating a new standard in pool service.



serve as a set of higher
standards that we
absolutely refuse to

  1. We refuse to tie customers down with contracts.
  2. We will never charge for the use of our salt water chlorine generators.
  3. We don't sell chemicals, nor do we believe in retail storefronts.
  4. We warranty the heck out of everything we do, and we'll come back to prove it.
  5. We're always thinking of new ways to make life easier for residential pool owners.
  6. No pool will ever be forgotten or left behind on our watch.
  7. We do not spot clean pools.
  8. We are career-trained professionals who are proud of what we do, and dedicated to the families we serve.

Under the leadership of Gary Crayton & Dave Hahmann, Bay Area Pool Services and Pool Troopers has become the largest residential pool service company in North America, with a growing team that makes more than 500,000 backyard poolside visits a year.

Pool Troopers History 1

From day one, Bay Area Pool Services (aka Pool Troopers) has been about family and raising the level of professionalism within the residential pool service industry. In 2013, Bay Area Pool Services, a Company that has served pool loving families in the Greater Tampa Area since 1952, went National with the official launch of "Pool Troopers" in Florida, Texas and Arizona - with future plans for operations in Nevada.

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