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We exist for one reason, to give residential pool owners freedom.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure your pool is always sparkling blue and swim-safe, whenever family and friends want to enjoy it.

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A Few Bradenton Neighborhoods We Service Include:

  • Lakewood Ranch
  • Ellenton
  • Anna Maria Island
  • Longboat Key
  • 34208
  • 34209
  • 34210
  • 34243
  • 34212
  • 34211
  • 34217
  • 34250
  • 34219
  • 34221
  • 34222
  • 34201
  • 34202
  • 34203
  • 34204
  • 34205
  • 34207

Pool Troopers Bradenton Map

Bradenton Pool Service

Pool Troopers in Bradenton, Florida, is dedicated to providing the highest quality pool repair services for all residents in the area. Our family owned and operated pool business has been serving Florida residents since 1952. We are a trusted, professional company, employing only the industry’s best-trained pool service employees.

Bradenton is famous for a lot of things, including historical structures. Bradenton has the Braden Castle Park Historic District, along with the Bradenton Bank and Trust Company Building that has been around since 1925. The Manatee County Courthouse in Manatee Avenue was built in 1913. The oldest structure in the area is the Old Manatee County Courthouse, which has been in the city since 1860. 

Bradenton is just an hour away from Tampa. An additional 45 minutes will take you to Orlando. It does take almost four hours to get to Miami from the city. The city has long and hot summers, perfect for staying outdoors. 

There are many points of interest in the Bradenton area that everyone should see, such as Desoto Square and the Cortez Fishing Village. Other attractions include the Gamble Mansion, Myakka River State Park, and Neal Preserve. A game of the minor league baseball team, Bradenton Marauders, will also keep you entertained. 

Of course, nothing beats an afternoon of swimming in your own yard. Having a swimming pool is one of the best luxuries for those who live in Bradenton. You can swim anytime you want without being in a crowded place. You can also start a cookout or a mini picnic right in your backyard, so you do not have to go anywhere. 

There are indeed many advantages when you have your own pool. However, it also comes with a disadvantage that involves a lot of maintenance work. 

Keeping Your Pool Clean and Safe 

Pool Troopers is a pool cleaning and maintenance company that services residents of Bradenton, Florida with our professional pool repair and cleaning services. From Lakewood Ranch to Ellenton, Pool Troopers serves all surrounding communities including Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key. We are Florida’s most trusted pool company in Bradenton with our dedicated professional staff, company uniforms, and signature pool trucks.

We have local experts to serve our customers to ensure we respond quickly. It also helps us maintain a good relationship with them. Customer service is one of the things that we go above and beyond. Expect quick response times with friendly staff. You can then relax and have no worries in keeping your pool clean all year round. 

Aside from taking care of our customers, we also focus on providing great service with excellent results. We offer reasonable prices for thorough cleaning and other services. Some companies do have lower prices for cleaning pools mainly because they provide spot cleaning. While they may remove dirt that you can see, we go beyond this type of cleaning. 

Our pool services will save you money! Instead of hassling yourself at the pool store, allow one our friendly pool service techs to assist you with all of your pool needs this year. Not only will our pool service save you money, but it will also save you time and keep dangerous pool chemicals away from children and pets.

Pool Troopers do more than just spot cleaning. We make sure all areas are covered so you can have a clean pool from top to bottom. We also include spa cleaning without additional charges. If you want a simple service, such as filter cleaning, we will provide it as well. 

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