Video Transcription

Good morning. This is Anthony with Pool Trooper University again. Here we’re going to be talking about wall brushing. When you’re wall brushing the pool, it’s important that you get every spot on the pool as far as the walls are concerned. The secondary thing that tends to happen occasionally is we tend to cause issues with our screens. This particular screen happens to be very low, so I’m going to show you a trick on how not to poke a hole in the screen. It’s actually very simple. You grab your tether pole and you reach as high as you can. If you can see, I’m just barely touching the screen. If I lower my hand, now I have the ability to poke right through it. You find that magic spot, and then you don’t move your hand. If you don’t move your hand, then there’s no way you can poke a hole through the screen. We begin washing. I’m going to get it here on the edge, and I’m going to just start brushing down. You want to go all the way to the bottom. All the way.

You want to bend your knees so you don’t hurt your back, and you’re going to keep going stroke for stroke around the entire pool. Once again, if I haven’t moved my hand, then there’s no way I can poke a hole in the screen. Once you get to the steps, it’s really important (01:00) that we get the vertical faces of the steps. You want to go ahead and brush the top, so you can go ahead and do that, but the important part is the vertical steps. When you do that, you have to get really nice and low and run all the way across it. There are three steps here so I’m getting all of them. I like to just run it across the top. You can get any access stuff that maybe the vacuum didn’t get or anything that’s fallen in the pool. If you can’t reach all the way across, you finish up over here, and then you start continuing on working on the wall. Once again, when you’re brushing, you want to try to get all the way down to the bottom. You want to do it by bending your knees, that way you don’t hurt your back. If you’re constantly bending over, you will hurt your back, so you always want to bend your knees.

When you get to the ladder, you want to be really careful because sometimes the ladders can start to age and they can be a little bit rusty, so you want to try not to bang on them too much, but you do want to try to get behind them, that’s a really commonplace for algae to grow. Once you finish the (02:00) ladder, work your way around. I tend to like to go back underneath. Once again, since I’ve moved my hand, I want to make sure I double check my screen engagement because I’m not going to poke a hole through there, and then continue on. Around the light, you want to be careful. Some lights can be loose, so you want to not run directly over them. You want to move around them. That’s how you brush your pool. If you’ve got any questions, give your coach a call.

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