Video Transcription

Hi, this is Anthony with Pool Trooper University. Today we’re going to be talking about how to properly vacuum a pool. If you have any questions about how to sink the hose or how to retrieve the hose when you’re done, we’ve got other videos for that, so please check those out. What we’re going to be talking about is just specifically how to vacuum the pool.

This particular pool has a pool and a spa. Whenever it has a pool and a spa, you want to vacuum a spot first, that way you don’t forget it. I just finished sinking my hose. I’m going to drive my vacuum over here. We’re going to get ready to get back in there. Once again, this pool does not have a screen, but if it did, you want to be very careful not to poke a hole in it. When you do that you want to squat down and lift, rather than just pulling straight up. We’ll do that now. You want to quickly drop it right into the spa. You can’t start vacuuming immediately because you’re going to lose some suction initially because of the air that got into the system when you lifted the vacuum out.

I’m going to wait for a second. I can actually hear the pump repriming now. (01:00) If you can’t hear it, you can go ahead check your vac and you can feel if there’s suction there. Once you’ve got suction back, you can set yourself up and vacuum the spa. You want to get all of the flat surfaces to the spa, both the benches and the floor up. We don’t spot clean, so you’re going to want to get every piece. You’re going to want to go all the way around and get the entire thing. Once you’re done with the spa, you’re going to go ahead and bring it out, once again making sure you don’t go straight up. You’re going to bring it down easily.

Once again, I’ll wait for it to reprime, which I can hear it’s repriming now. Then you’re going to move from left to right. You’re just going to work from the spa over. We want to go ahead and start back up here with these benches. Remember, one of our non-negotiables is we don’t spot clean pools. The reason why we do that is because there are things in here that we can see and there are things that we can’t see. The bacteria that’s (02:00) on the pool are the things that we can’t see and are the most dangerous. That’s why we want to vacuum every square foot of the pool and not just spot clean where it looks dirty. I’m going to work my way across this sun shelf, once again being careful not to hit the house. Then I’ll work my way all the way around and go behind the spa on this one. Once you’ve got all the way around the spa and you’ve got the complete sun shelf, you’re going to move to the steps, getting the whole step, once again being real careful where your pole is going. I’m simply just going to move slowly across, straight in those lines, making sure you get every square foot of the pool (03:00). If you have any questions about vacuuming the pool, go ahead and see your coach. Thank you.

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