Video Transcription

Hi, this is Anthony with Pool Troopers University. Today we’re going to be talking about properly tile brushing a pool. This is a great pool to do it because there’s tons of pollen. As I look closely around the tile line, I can see that pollen line that settles in there. When we’re tile brushing you want to go ahead and grab your tile brush. One of the most important things is if you have tile stuff on there, there is muriatic acid there, so you don’t want to carry it over the deck. You always want to have it leaning over the edge of the pool in case anything drips in there it’s not going to stain the deck.

I like to use a lot of tile soap. I recommend that. The more tile soap, the better. It will also help clear the surface of the pool so you can see better. When you start to tile brush, you always want to start at the skimmer, which is right here. I’m going to go ahead and put the tile brush right on the tile. Always want to give it a nice hard, firm push, so you should see a little bit of a bend in your stick so you’re getting to apply some pressure at it. You basically want to hit top and bottom. The tiles are six inches, mostly, so you want to make sure you hit it in both directions so you’re getting the entire tile (01:00).

When you’re coming around the corners, you want to make sure you get in here and you want to give it a little up and down motion in the corners, because that tends to be where your algae grow. We’re going to keep going all the way around here, then I’ll move back to my regular side-to-side motion going back and forth. As I come sideways you should be able to see that bend in my stick now. You want to be real careful as you walk and not trip on anything. Now I like to take a look back at where I’ve been to make sure I haven’t missed anything (02:00). As you get back, you want to check the skimmer opening, make sure you get that really good. That’s tile brushing. If you have any questions, see your coach.

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