Video Transcription

Hi, this is Anthony with Pool Trooper University. Today we’re going to talk about properly cleaning a skimmer basket. It’s really a simple task. There are a couple things that you can do that can either help you or hurt you. First off, go ahead and check the skimmer basket by pulling it out. If the system is off, that’s the best way to do it and the safest way to do it. Go ahead and pull it, we’ve got dirt and debris. It’s not a ton. Your net should be nearby. You can go ahead and toss it in there. Get you nice and cleaned up, good to go, and drop it back in. If you have a ton of debris in there or your net’s not nearby, you can dispose of it other ways, but you want to be careful not to disrupt the customer’s property. This is a beautiful piece of property, so I don’t want to drop it right in the flower bed or right in the middle of the yard, so you want to find a safe, inconspicuous space to dump it. If you’ve got any questions, see your coach. Thank you.

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