Water Chemistry

Water Chemistry

Pool Water Chemistry 101

There are many things that can affect the chemistry of your swimming pool, including your dog, rain, pool parties, sunshine and wind and more. You need not worry, as long as you are testing the water often. Pool Troopers would…
March 22, 2019
Water Chemistry

Algae: Can it Damage Your Pool?

Homeowners put substantial money, time and effort into creating a friendly, stylish backyard for their families. A pool can be the key ingredient for the perfect backyard. However, a pool can become very uninviting once algae take over.   Algae…
January 3, 2019
Water Chemistry

Pool Maintenance and Cleaning

In order to keep your swimming pool in the best condition for a healthy swimming environment, pool maintenance is a necessary fact of life. Cleaning may not be your favorite chore; Pool Troopers can give you some ideas about maintaining…
October 15, 2018